Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Natalie November 23, 2015

The Desire to Serve
What a crazy two weeks it has been! 
We are running around like crazy meeting new people, striving to have lessons with members, encouraging the recent converts, having our days fully planned with more work to do than there is time! Huhh! We're a little exhausted.

I would like to briefly share a few tender mercies or miracles that we had this week. A samll one, a member called us and invited us over to his house for this Thursday for Thanksgiving! To celebrate with him and his wife, I thought it was so sweet. He is really thoughtful. And well when we had exchanges I was with another sister missionary and we found a new investigator who was tending her clothes and asked if she wanted help. (They always say no but we still ask in hopes one day someone accepts our service) Well she said no but said we could enter in her home to share our message. I loved seeing the light in her eyes when she understood and her question was answered by reading, deciphering the scriptures and she was so happy we taught about the importance of baptism and she accepted. We put a baptismal date for the 26th of December and at first she said no but really sweetly explained it was only because she wasn't going to be here for those dates haha. So we're going to be visiting her more, her name is Elda :) 
Well as I mentioned, we've been a little tired running around everywhere (our area is a bit large) but Hermana Bloomfield is so amazing and I'm so happy we're companions and together again. We have learned different things while serving a mission and I am so greatful for her grand example and desire to love, serve, do so diligently and obey with exactness. I feel like she is helping me more than I am helping her because she is truly an admirable servant of the Lord. 

We can truly testify that the Lord is hastening His work. And He needs the help of everyone to carry it out! Well, technically He doesn't need us because He could accomplish it on His own but we have the privelage to be a part of it and honestly, we need that. Some may know and others may have yet to recognize it but nevertheless, it is a commandment to be obedient in all that the Lord asks of us and that includes sharing the gospel in however way grand or small. And as we serve others, we love them and are able to obtain that testimony and witness of what is true and as we love and increase our faith, so does our desire to serve. And I'm not talking about having to be a full-time missonary to do so either. 
But by being an example and doing our part to follow the Lord, we are able to walk in His ways. After all, that is the ultimate goal. So I challenge you to think about how you can serve as the Lord would have you serve. Ask Him, what He would have You do and testify that He will let you know, He will answer you, through the Holy Spirit who, if you listen, and obey, will guide you in all you do. Be safe and have a great week!

With Love,

  Hermana Newman 😊

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