Monday, September 28, 2015

Natalie September 28, 2015

Greetings from Cancún!

So this week we had transfers but we are staying in the same area again, together Hermana Carrasco and I, and as Sister Training Leaders again! President made so many changes in the mission this transfer but wanted us to be together again. I am so happy, I'm thrilled! I have come to just love Hermana Carrasco. I think I have grown the most with her, I mean as always I learn many things from each area, each companion, but I mean I have learned A LOT with my companion. She has helped me stretch and recognize my weaknesses but not letting myself get down but picking myself up, swallowing my pride, recognizing the mistakes made, and moving forward. And in the process of being Sister Training Leaders too, that has also made an impact.

Out of the 8 sisters that were under our care, only 2 remain with us in the zone and they took away one companionship that will now be of Elders. So we will be recieving 6 new (well new to us) sister missionaries. Whoo, it requires a lot of work to be a Sister Training Leader and for this next transfer I'm learning how I can not only be one but be a good one. At the moment I cannot remember who once said it, one of the General Authorities that said something in reference to, ''Whatever you are, be good and be good at it''. And that's my goal for these next 6 weeks, not only be a STL but be a good one. And in general, not only be a missionary but be a good one.

It's something we can actually apply in our everyday life, for example, not just be a person but a good one, even more kind and thoughtful than one already is; of course, that's what the Savior wants, and it's what He would do ultimately. I challenge each of you this weekend to attend General Conference, I hope you've been preparing in some at least, small way. It's what I consider ''the most wonderful time of the year!'' :) ...AND this weekend instead of just attending, attend attentively haha does that make sense? Apply it to the phrase I was using earlier that carries the implication of not just completing but ''going the extra mile'' I guess you could say; or can also be noted as ''do something more''. I promise that you will not regret it. Obviously if you can attend all of the sessions that would be amazing and the ideal but if not because of work or schedule conflicts, at least to hear one speaker. I know that there is power in participating in General Conference. I know that they are men called of God who fast and pray to have the guidance of the Spirit to carry the message unto us, our hearts, and then as we listen with a willing heart and understanding mind, the Spirit whispers to us what we are in need of. And sometimes we learn something we didn't even know we were in need of. I know the church is true and we have the servants of the Lord today to help guide us because we absolutely cannot do it alone. Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Hermana Newman

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