Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jason September 8, 2015

hello everyone! no worries, still alive.

Hola, como estan todos? sorry that i wasnt able to write yesterday, we had a multi zone activity. it was loads of fun, and a great p day in general. 

So, in regards to the photos i sent, we had a baptism!! we met jesus only a few weeks ago, but he had already been to church before, and so we were able to teach him for a few weeks, and then we had his baptism on sunday. he is a great kid and we hope when the time comes, he will go on a mission. love him, and i am so thankful to my savior, Jesus Christ, for helping us out with him. 

so, i really just wanted to bear my testimony on Jesus Christ. it really is ALL about him on the misison. there are times, for every misisonary, that when you start having tons of success, the pride level goes up (naturally), and at times you have to be humbled by the Lord. not saying that i was really prideful, but i fel that this last week was one of those humbling weeks. it was hard to not have too much fruit to bring to the Lord, and to be even more specific we didnt have anyone in church. but, in the moments when you feel the lowest and are humbled the most (sacrament meeting with 0 investigators), the Lord has an interesting way of boosting you up again with big blessings (like the baptism of Jesus). it just makes me want to know him even better, and will really be making that a big emphasis for the rest of my misison is really knowing my Savior. 

things are great with our area though. finding lots of new families, and it will be kind of weird this week because this sunday we are gonna be having the rededication of the mexico city temple broadcasted here, and so with that said, it will be a sunday without investigators in church (cause there wont be services). so, all of our efforts and work this week will mainly be pointing towards next next sunday. so, lots of seeds to plant! 

well, once again sorry for not being there yesterday, but next monday should be normal. i testify that Jesus Christ lives and loves us, and that if we just heed to his counsel, blessings will come! have a great week!!!! 



Elder Newman


*Elder Newman*

Misión México Chihuahua

November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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