Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Natalie September 7, 2015

Blessings from Living Gospel Principles

Hello :) Well this week was a little difficult in the sense of finding new investigators and such but we're still working with Mauro! Well, remember the couple I told you about who are supposed to get married this week? Well, now they're not :( We got a little discouraged Hermana Carrasco and I, everything was in the plans and then everything wasn't but that's what happens with the adversary doesn't it :( So we aren't sure when they can make the arrangements again but after the rain, the sun always comes back out!

We discovered that Carlitos, the nephew of Sandra, our recent convert from July, is at the age of baptism and he wants to get baptized! So we are teaching him and although he is a little distracted at times, it is very fun teaching him because we have the opportunity to teach the gospel in it's simplicity. And actually most of the time it's better that way so that there is no confusion and in it's beautiful simplicity we can understand the doctrine of Christ, as He taught us. We expect to hold his baptismal service next Saturday :)

Yesterday we had our stake conference and it was amazing that not only our mission President and his wife were in attendance but also the Temple President and his wife from Merida, Mexico! They talked about sacrifce for the Sabbath Day and the importance of tithing and that it is not only a law of obedience but that if we obey it, it also qualifies us to recieve the blessings of the temple. I have a testimony of tithing, thanks to tithing, my companion and I are here in Mexico, thanks to tithing we have the sacred, holy scriptures, church buildings of worship, my missionary tag, thanks to tithing I was able to attend university to study to gain and education, thanks to tithing we have the beautiful sacred temples, where we can feel the spirit in abundance, where the spirit of the Lord without fail, may dwell. I have a testimony of tithing that when we sacrifce a little, of what the Lord has already given us since everything that He created in the earth is His, He blesses us ten times fold for our faithfulness and willingness to give Him everything we have. 

Remember the blessings of tithing and sacrifice for the Sabbath Day to keep it holy, and don't rob yourself of those blessings is my hope and prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 


Hermana Newman ☺

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