Monday, August 31, 2015

Natalie August 31, 2015

All in the Lord's Time

Hey everyone! How was this past week for you? For us it was a little crazy! On Tuesday we had exchanges with some of the Sisters and it was a little nervewrecking because well, I forgot to mention the little detail that Hermana Carrasco and I are Sister Training Leaders this transfer.. Ahh for those of you who many not know what that is, it means we are like the leaders of our zone but for the sister missionaries ah! So we have more responsabilities including, doing 24 hour exchanges with the sisters to see how they are doing and setting the example of baptizing in the zone and making sure the sisters get home on time and things like that! 

So we had those on Tuesday and the same day we got on phone call from the Zone leaders telling us that miracles are happening in the mission and that President recieved revelation that as a zone we needed to have 10 baptisms that week!!!!!! Ah what? I thought, is this a joke? Actually I asked him that and he said no but that we needed to go and find the people who were ready in our area ya! I couldn't believe it and wondered how it was possible if they hadn't recieved many of the lessons or gone to church the full 5 Sundays etc. Well, long story short, we actually had found a couple the weekend before who had been seeing the missionaries over a year ago and gone to church various Sundays and everything the only thing left was for them to get married before they could get baptized but something always happened when they tried and then she had to recooperate from her pregnancy and long story short, last week all the pieces started falling into place and we actually got close to have them get married on Saturday! They got all the papers and we were running around like crazy and the only thing was that the closest date they could have was October 14! My mouth dropped but I still had hope. We talked to the judge, so nice, so kind, she was able to tell us that the earliest was September 8th! So we are working towards that so that next Saturday they can get baptized. 

In other news real quick, look what we made! I have attached pictures but we made scripture cigarettes for Hermano Mauro so he can completely give up smoking! And he finally accepted a baptism date! Wahoo!! 

Well I think thats all for now, I gotta go but just know that miracles do happen when it's in the Lord's time and not ours. Have a great week!

Hermana Newman

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