Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Natalie August 24, 2015

Service is the Key to Happiness!

Hi everyone! This week will be super short but just so you all know I am doing well aside from the constant heat. I actually got to the point of missing the cold weather! I want some right now haha. I had a great birthday celebration! Three families of members did something for my birthday it was super sweet. One of the families less active even threw me a surprise party! We thought we were going to teach a lesson and we arrived and thought ''aw man, they have a party going on with family, how could they forget? The Sister even confirmed our visit when we were at church? Well, alright maybe we'll just say hi and go contact new people.'' My companion peeked her head in and the sister said with a gasp, ''Hermanas!!!'' she said the hour left her and they forgot to be prepared they were going to yell surprise! Haha the sweet gesture and thought of everything, the surprise, the people, down to the few balloons on the door and walls made me cry. I couldn't believe they did that all for me. Even more because I wasn't expecting it. They had a

Natalie Birthday Cake

Natalie Birthday with a Family that made her a cake

dinner and cake and everything! They even started with a prayer, hymn and spiritual thought. We thought it's a good thing it was the last hour of visits before we had to go home.
Another family had a cake for me too and even the candles! The Kuyoc family, the one who made my favorite food Panuchos. I don't have pictures of the other family, Chale Castillo because the photos were taken with my companion's camera. But here are a few!
In other news, I taught the lesson last week on Sunday about service and these acts of service made me realize how we can truly have an impact on the lives of others. I know that service is everything. It requires faith, humility, and prayer to put ourselves aside and thing of others. My challenge this week to you all is to find the acts of service you can do to help lift another. I know you will find peace and happiness in that because it is when we are serving the Lord! Love you all!
Hermana Newman

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