Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Natalie August 3, 2015

Only 6 months left!

 Things are great with Hermana Carrasco. Sometimes we butheads about some things but I'm trying to keep the peace because I don't like arguing and especially if it means we don't get along because that means we can't have the spirit. I feel like we're still trying to figure out how to coincide with how the other companion works. But like I said at the same time things are great :) she is super funny and we like to have fun together. she tries hard and this week was better in trying to contact more of the references. 

We still have so much work to do but our investigator Mauro is progressing, yesterday he went to church for the first time and it wasn't only the first time at church but the first time he had gone to ANY church in YEARS! He said he felt a little strange or weird but we told him thats okay  and normal to feel that way because he has distanced himself with the things of the Lord but wow he had so many questions afterwards and it was great how it worked out because we went to his house afterwards because his wife Yanette was going to feed us and it was nice while she prepared the food (she said she didnt want help.. They're very good about resisting) we talked with her husband answering all his many questions. He has so many good ones. You can see he is really interested and  finally after so many years is ''giving place in his heart'' for the gospel as Alma mentions in chapter 32 of the Book of Mormon. I encourage all of you to read it this week if you have not or it's simply been awhie.

Well it was short for today I know but on to this week of many more miracles!   

Hermana Newman

P.S. The picture of the family is the Kuyoc family, they're so nice and really humble, sweet members :) The other picture is of our house with our sympathetic tree Carlos and my favorite food in the whole entire world that  Hermana Kuyoc made for us... Panuchos. mch so good. It's like an open -faced taco if you want to put it that way haha 

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