Monday, August 10, 2015

Natalie August 10, 2015

A little fun but mostly WORK :)


Hi everyone! So this week was a better week for sure. Mauro went to church again, yay!!! He is progressing and ALmost accepted a baptism date but said I know I will do it but he wants to be absolutely sure he won't slip into any bad habits again after he gets baptized so he wants to wait and thinks he has to know a lot and it's good he wants to learn so we're teaching him :) We'll hope, we'll pray and be patient but grrr he's so close and he is so awesome! 

We also started teaching a couple who actually the missionaries before us, the Elders started visiting but they didn't leave behind their direction or address or anything! So we didn't know who they were nor that they were amazing and super prepared people. Well, long story short, we found them because we received them as referral or reference from a member and actually like one or two other people or something crazy like that I can't remember and literally like pieces of a puzzle we found them and they are awesome! They're names are Edgar and Anayeli. They both are super excited about the gospel and they feel good, Anayeli is a little shy and timid and Edgar is little more upbeat and outspoken and he thought he couldn't get baptized because he was already baptized into the Catholic church and we said to him, ''claro que si!'' Which means oh of course you can get baptized again and we explained because it has to be by the Priesthood authority, the authority of God instead of by men and that it has to be by immersion like Christ was baptized. He was really excited, is excited and they almost went to church but at the last minute they asked him to work :/ But no worries I'll keep you updated how it all goes!

In other news.. umm this week I hit my year mark yay!!!! I've included pictures to celebrate the momentous occasion of before and after. I've changed a lot, physically and mentally, emotionally, spiritually etcetera lol And I've still got 6 months left! I've also included photos of our mini trip for our preparation day to what is called Mercado 28. 28th Market where they have a bunch of souvenirs, trinkets, and things and so we took a photo with a traditional sombrero. Man was it heavy on my head! lol

Have a great week and remember that I know this is His church and it's the only one that actually, truly makes sense. I keep learning more and changing every day! Enjoy these last days of summer and vacations but more importantly, always remember the Lord everywhere you go and in everything you do!

Much love,

Hermana Newman

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