Monday, August 31, 2015

Jason August 31, 2015

man, that was some crazy workin!!

I love being a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, lemme tell ya. it is so fulfilling and the best experience one could have in anyway possible. im grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and i know that he lives. 

This week was full of work. in particular and in reference to the subject of the email, we got more lessons with member and more contacts this last week than i have ever had in a week in my whole mission! we are working hard, and had some great lessons. With Kenia, all she needs is an answer and she will get baptized, but sometimes its the hardest as a missionary to help people realize that they already know that the church is true, they just didnt know that they knew...make sense? thats what kenia has, she has been investigating the church for a few years, went to EFY last year, and knows a ton of members. we had a spiritual lesson on how to recieve revelation, and she promised to go to church but she didnt go :( dont know why yet, but we will be going back most likely tomorrow. with Marcelino, he came to church! his family is all baptized, except for him, and its cool because he has straight up told us "i know this is the true church", but we just have to help him quit smoking forst, so that will be a lesson on the Word of Wisdom. with Jesus, we are hoping to have a baptismal service for him, now that he has been to church 3 times and knows the bishop. he is excited, im sure, and i pray everything will work out according to the Design of the Almighty. and, we had 2 miracles come to church as well, in addition to marcelino and jesus. they are Arturo and Luz. we contacted arturo in the street, and said that he is a member, but we looked in the registros on sunday and he isnt in the ward...anyway, he said that he would give us a ride to church and he did! and it was cool, cause his wife was there, luz, and shes like "the missionaries are here, hurry up! theyre waiting for ya!" and then he was like "well, if i go youre comin with me" and she was like "ok"! haha she was so cute, she is like 55, but i gave her my copy of the gospel principles manual, and she couldnt stop reading it. i am excited to teach them, and to find more miracles this next week. 

have a great week, everyone, and to remember that we are here in this life  "to have JOY" (2 nefi 2:25). He Lives!

Elder Newman

*Elder Newman*
Misión México Chihuahua
November 2013 - 2015
Alma 26:12

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