Monday, September 28, 2015

Jason September 28, 2015

buckle up--last cycle!

hola a todos!! que suave fue esta semana!! 

ok, well, it wasnt perfect, for we again didnt have investigators in church again...

but, least to say is i dont feel like the world is over or anything! (although that lunar eclipse last night was pretty cool). i fell right now, in my mission, a lot happier and i am super PUMPED for these last 6 weeks. I dont know exactly how, but i have a conviction to give it everything this last cycle, knowing that i will never have this sacred blessing. so, as part of that conviction, i am happy because even this very morning, i felt a difference when i grabbed my brand new, last if something said to me "no excuses, now". i know that this is the most important time there will be in my mission, for it will be the time in the which i believe i will rely on Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father the most. I noticed that this morning, i already started to put goals, and am excited to see what the Lord has in store for Elder Loreto and i this week, (oh, P.S. - we didnt have transfers, so its most likely that he will be my last companion. yay!) 

with our investigators, we have sooo many good ones, but for some reason things just fall through at the moment. but every week we commit to be even more obedient, and sure enough blessinga come! just a quick overview on a family here, familia sanchez coronado, so they were gonna get married this last friday and the hermano was gonna get baptized on saturday, but something happened and they had to go to chihuahua for the hermana. her health wasnt in good shape, and at first they were gonna do surgery, then they said they werent, then they said they were gonna do it again, and then in the end they didnt end up doing it. not a coincidence, because we did in fact give her a priesthood blessing a few days before, and they are now gonna be getting married tomorrow. woohoo!! may it be the will of God that he gets baptized this week. 

well, its a quickie this week, because though we didnt have transfers, we all met up as misisonaries and we have our district meeting at 4, of the which i get to teach and train! phew wish me luck...muchas gracias a todos por sus corazones tan buenos y llenos de amor. amo a Jesucristo y lo que el me ha comisionado hacer. que tenga una buena semana!!



Elder newman


*Elder Newman*

Misión México Chihuahua

November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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