Monday, February 2, 2015

Jason February 2, 2015

Happy birthday to my companion, Elder Johnson, as he turns 19 today!! way to go, buddy!

last week, i ran out of time and didnt get to writing a group email, so this week i am gonna take care of it first. we had a great week this week! lots of new things are happening in our área, and we are finding some great people. on Saturday, we found a girl named Karina. she is 18 years old and is what we missionaries call "un investigador de oro" (a Golden investigator). She accepted the message of the Restoration of the Gospel yesterday, and has a baptismal date for the 7th of march, though if she keeps it up with the desire she showed us yesterday, she can probably get baptized the 28th of february. we are stoked to be able to teach her.

we often do divisions/exchanges here, and it could be anywhere from a few hours to 2 days or so. this week, i remember that we did exchanges, and Elder Gallup and I (one of the the zone leaders) went out and we got 17 contacts within 2 hours. it was a crazy experience! we decided that for every person that passed us that we didnt open our mouths to talk to, we were to do 10 pushups right there in the Street. we didnt do any though because...well, we talked to everyone! lots of following up to do on that one...

this week, we did our best to focus in on doing all that we could to help the investigators get to church, but yet again none of the ones we are teaching came. It breaks your heart, but its interesting and comforting to know that The Lord hears and answers all of our prayers. Sunday after sunday, we have struggled with this, but the Lord always seems to provide a way. so much that we ended up having 2 investigators and invited 6 people from the streets in church, and its always good to have our faith tested, that way when the difficulty comes, we will really be able to see if the faith we have is unshakeable or not. "I love the Lord--in him my soul delight" (see 2 nephi 4)

i have officially decided that the temple is the thing that i miss the most about home. if you have a temple recommend, please go to the temple. Having a recommend (and being worthy of it) and not going to the temple is like God telling you that you are allowed to enter his kingdom, and you refuse to enter because "you dont have time". i think ive decided thats the first thing im gonna do leaving the airport, haha.

not a ton of new things happened this week, but one thing that is new is that Elder Johnson and I have come up with this plan on how we can both become more converted to the Lord and the misión that he has sent us on in 4 weeks. It consists of some stricter rules and guidelines, but i know that it is gonna bless the both of us. To help ELder Johnson learn spanish even better, we go out and contact but we Split up. we are still within sight and sound of one another, but its cool cause it forces him to speak to the person and that way i dont do more talking than him. haha and before i forget, i just have to mention that a few nights ago, my companion Heard the alarm go off at 6 am, and he for some reason quickly threw the covers off of him, only to end up throwing himself off the top bunk and landing on the ground on his shoulder, hitting his head on the heater (while it was turned off) so i think for me, that was the best alarm i couldve woken up to was the noise he made because i definitely woke up smiling and laughing!

well, i hope you have a great week, everyone, and ill try to do better on writing down/remembering more experiences, and sharing them so that i can spice up my emails a bit better. well, until next time! love you all!!!!!!!!!




*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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