Monday, February 9, 2015

Jason February 9, 2015

$400 peso pedicure

hey everyone!!

so, im sure you are all dying to know what i mean by the title. its just that an Elder and I had to go to the foot doctor, because i have an ingrown toenail and he had another issue. When we went, and it came my turn, he just looked at my feet, started to put some liquids and stuff on them, and in examining my toe, we werent able to actually cut some off cause he wasnt the doctor for that and so i basically just got a "foot check up", but nothing was really done. just a foot massage/pedicure, of the which cost 400 pesos, so there ya go. more follow up-later.

How is everyone??! aw, it was so awesome, yesterday Isabel, Karen, and Elizabeth came to church!!!!! we are so excited for them and happy for them, as they are on date to be baptized for the 7th of march. they are probably our principal investigators right now, but we also found some new ones this week, such as Maribel, Cecilia and her kids, and yesenia. so many great things are happening in our área!

also, i am really happy because my companion is learning more, but also because the hermanas in my district have confidence in me and we are able to work together to have success. i am, however, always so thankful to Heavenly Father and Jesús Chriast for blessing us with success, because remember, ALL success in our lives that we have is thanks to the Holy Ghost and the Blessings that we recieve from our Heavenly Father/Jesús Christ. also, just like ammon and his brethren, much suffering and trials are required before we are able to succeed or accomplish that which the Lord has commanded of us. Its so brillinant, really, how the Lord has designed it: We are here in our lives, we recieve a trial, we turn to God for help, he lifts the burden, but not completely, we suffer and battle so that we learn, and when it is done, we gain testimony and experience. now, that repeatedly over the course of a lifetime, is what helps us become the Sons and Daughters that our Heavenly Father wants us to become. I Love the Lord!!

I hope we can all find joy in the fact that when we recieve trials this week, that we can enjoy them and delight in the fact that the Savior even considers us worth the time and trouble to correct. I love you all, and have a great week!




*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

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