Monday, February 16, 2015

Jason February 16, 2015

mission bucket list: work in progress 

hey everyone!! what a crayzee week!!! haha lots of interesting things happened, and though we didnt really have investigators at church and it was very heartbreaking to see, we continue to press forward with patience in the Lord and are anticipating for this next week.

hmm, lets this email may be a bit random, but here goes:

it snowed this week!!!!!!!! it was so awesome, and can definitely now check that one off the misión bucket list to be able to see some snow! all the missionaries from other parts of mexico, and the few from ecuador who are in our zone were freaking out because it was the frst time in their life that they had ever seen snow.  it was very cold, and rained a lot this week, and one day it was so cols that the rain that started falling turned into snow, and it was awesome! i will send pictures along with this email. :) :) :) misión bucket list: check

another thing that happened was that we found some great families. We are excited to go back and teach some of these new investigators (ramón and his family, Maribel and Javier, Carmen and her family, etc) one in particular was Jared, who is from La Sierra here in the state of chihuahua, and he speaks english! we set an appointment with him, and taught him, and it was interesting how the spirit prompted us to teach right there in the first lesson the Word of WIsdom. he so badly wans to give up cigarrettes and coffee, and so we invited him to let us take those things away from him right then and there, and he let us!! i have always wanted to take someones vices away, and it happened this week! we finished the lesson, left, and threw them away in the garbage, no worries. missión bucket list: check

lets see...there was a third thing...oh, haha, of corse, to have had surgery on the misión. i know its not really a big deal, literally, but i had an ingrown toenail removed today (hence me writing so late), and am gonna be on meds for a few days. the worst pain was the shot they gave me in my toe. my companion said that my face turned red as i White knuckled the arm rests, lol. the laser was cool...didnt feel a thing, of course, but had never had any kind of any surgery with laser treatment before. #missionexperiences... mission bucket list: check

This week was hard, and i got down on myself a lot, because i dont feel like we have had too much successs lately, but i have learned and continue to learn that I am the one who needs to change and its not about what we desire or the type of success we desire as missionaries, rather the success that the lord Is willing to bless us with, and that when he is ready he will put us in those successful situations when we are ready for them and when he needs us there. i realized that i am the one in the wrong, and that i need to repent and change more, because we really are having success. it may not be baptisms right now or investigators in the chapel, but i have had some of the most memorable lessons that i have ever had here in my misión here in Cuauhtémoc. now, lets check out the photos!! (see other emails :)  thank you all for your suppoet, and know that this Newman is literally becoming a "new man" . Change is required in order for progress and success to come to pass. love you all and have a great week!




*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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