Monday, January 26, 2015

Natalie January 26, 2015

Changes, Sneezes, and Revelation

Hey everyone!!! How's it going? Well I just want you to know that my new companion Sister Lopez is doing great! Well at least a big difference in when she first came. She had a super hard time adjusting and I was really worried about her because she was so weak and didn't want to eat anything, she was sick to her stomach and I can only imagine how she felt so lost constantly. She misses her companion so much. I mean I can only imagine, she was with her for 4 months BUT as I said she is so much better. I think she is adjusting better.

 When we work she forgets about her family and her companion and all of that. When we work, she is just fine. When we are in our studies or at home she tends to focus on those things and it makes her a little down but she sure is tough. She is super special I love her. I have been so proud of her these last few days- mmm maybe Friday, Saturday and Sunday she has eaten all her food and she has more energy. We had bought her some nutrition powder stuff because she didn't want to eat but all is well :)

 Towards the beginning of last week we were walking casually in the street and through our conversation the Spirit informed me that I should teach her English but do so in a way with phrases. So we have been talking phrases and I know for sure it is the Spirit that prompts me with each one. These phrases have been.. My name is Sister Lopez and I can do hard things.. I believe miracles can happen.. I am a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.. I am a daughter of God.. I love her I am so happy I get to work with her because she is amazing and teaches really well and has the spirit of sweetheart. 

As for me, I have been having major allergies.. guhh. Sneezing all the time (even though I talk medicine and have eye drops) It's not fun but I think I would rather have sneezes than freezing weather! lol also as for me, I had personal revelation this week that was just amazing. I cant recall exactly what i was thinking or talking about before but perhaps I was thinking about what Hermana Lopez had said in our meeting on Thursday.. She said that we should have a vision for our mission and I forgot that I hadn't really had a specific vision. I later was thinking about why I havent had the privelage of a baptism in my area and what am I doing wrong or not doing or maybe its not me at all... All of this I was thinking and recieved confirmation that my vision needs to be that I will have at least one baptism in every area that I will serve my mission. I am so excited for this it felt so good thinking about that and Hermana Lopez simply said, bueno, ahora tiene su vision hay que trabajar. (Now that you know your vision, you just have to work). Many other experiences I have been having with the Spirit I know it's real. It's where all my good ideas come from! And altough the simple words can never suffice or express all of your love and prays, thank you! 

Oh and also I forgot to explain the last photo... On New Year's Eve since we had to return home by 6 pm to avoid all the parties and alcohol, we made a pinata Gijon and I lol Just a fun thought so now I have learned how to make an authentic Mexican pinata! That's all, until next week!

Hermana Newman <3

Hermana Newman

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