Monday, January 19, 2015

Natalie January 19, 2015

Cozumel is now my Home

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't write last week. I went to Cancun for migration to get my green card because I'm illegal haha.

We had exchanges today and I am still here in Cozumel! Haha wow can you believe it? I have a new companion again. Her name is Hermana Lopez. I'm the Senior companion of the two of us but unless a missionary is training someone else, I don't like the senior, junior titles because our work is equal. We both came in the mission at the same time and she was with her companion for 4 months so its a little hard for her right now.

I will have to find out exactly why it is we're together. When President called me on Saturday to tell me who was going to be my companion, it was someone named Hermana Romero and she just finished her training. Yesterday I learned from the Sister Training Leader that it got changed to Hermana Lopez. I can't help but wonder why it changed and was it revelation to do so. I know President is a smart an definitely inspired man so now I just have to trust that everything worked out for the best. So far I know that she super misses her companion and she is a little timid but I can already see that she is super strong. She knows she has to keep going no matter what... Kind of like me. Maybe that's the first thing we have in common.. even though we both struggle we know we gotta stay tough and keep going. 

As we were walking to the ferry to pick them up I had the feeling that I need to give all my love to Hermana Lopez and that I need to not think of myself and really heed to her needs and make her feel welcome. And I hadn't even met her yet. Later I found out that, as I said, she misses her area a lot and her companion. Its hard for her but I told her Im going to do the best I can. I know that this is my first task and Im going to serve her as best I can! 

The mission is hard but I am learning so much and doing a lot of soul searching and really trying to discover the meaning of 'which way my tent is facing' as we learn about in Mosiah during King Benjamin's discourse. 

I just wanted to say that I know for a reason I am still here in Cozumel and I am growing not only to strengthen my testimony but help others along the way. I give a challenge this week to you all about sharing your favorite scripture with someone and sharing the gospel in this small way because as Nephi says, 'small things bring about great things'. 1 Nephi 16:29 Have a great week and hope you make every moment count! Our time is the most precous gift. 

Love from Cozumel,

Hermana Newman<3

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