Monday, January 5, 2015

Natalie January 5, 2015

 Happy New Year! 2015

This is my year. What a greater way to spend it than serving a mission for the Lord. I can't believe I can have one full complete year where it is all a about a mission! Granted the entire year and a half for which I am serving is dedicated to the Lord but those other 6 months are broken up into two different years. I love new beginnings and this time of year as I expressed in my last letter. We were in a taxi the other day talking to the driver and asked if he was excited for the new year. He told us no its the same because every day is like a new year we can start over. 

That made me think at first psh he's crazy lol but you know he is actually right. Everyday is like a new year. Everyday we wake up we can make those new decisions and live better, change something. I want to put out there the question to you, what would you change about tomorrow that you didn't like today? Or rather, what are you going to do differently tomorrow that will help you to reach your goals? There is a song in the Spanish hymnal that isn't in the English I dont know why but I really like it. (At least I couldn't find it) It's title is, Another Year Has Passed. 

In this song the message is just that- how can I be better? How can the Lord help me change?.. oh there is so much more I'll translate it this week and post it next week because it is my new favorite hymn. In other news,

I have been able to see the difference and feel it more when the Spirit is literally with us in every aspect of the work. But this we have to strive for I know. It is not just given freely. I am working on it, striving for it.. to be the best version of me. The best version that Heavenly Father knows I can be. It takes practice and patience though. I am learning just how much we need to always, always be on our toes and not only moving forward but pushing forward. Pushing and trudging along no matter what comes our way, including the influence and power of satan and all that he wants us to feel. 

I am recognizing more and more that if I want to learn the language I have to live it and follow the counsel of one of my teachers from the MTC.. he counseled us to sacrifice our language. For the first time, last night I had the desires to write in my journal in Spanish instead of English. This morning was the first time I had the same desire to study in Spanish PMG. Normally I would've studied it in English but I am so grateful I am learning more and more to put forth as much effort as possible to learn new words and messages so that the Spirit can speak through me to the hearts of the people. 

I hope all of you are doing well and take this little message of courage for a great week! I am so grateful for your support and love.

Love from Cozumel,

Hermana Newman<3


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  1. What a great letter. I'm so proud of Natalie because she gets it. The mission of course is about how she can help others but it also about how it can help you be a better person and prepare you for your adult life of service. Words of encouragement that make me want to be a better person.