Monday, November 24, 2014

Natalie November 24, 2014

Tender Mercies are Little Miracles

Hi everyone! I just have to say I'm so grateful for the example of my President and his wife Hermana Kirkham. I loved hearing from them on Saturday as well as Sunday! Since we're on an island and our stake is Cancun, we watched on a skype call and had some difficulties but they still perservered to call back 3 or 4 times so we could hear the words of our leaders. It was a testimony to me to think how blessed we are in the states to have conference so close.

But nevertheless I definitely felt the Spirit that conference. When the sound and video stopped working we were patient and I felt like the members were a little flustered at times and really distant from the meeting. But it was something really neat because just as the meeting was about over, we were singing the closing song and the program wasn't working yet again but what happened was when we couldn't hear the music, they decided to just keep singing and I just felt that it was really special. Here we are on an island, far away from the event but that didn't matter because they knew it was important and I thought they were flustered at times but then felt at the end perhaps not because we were there learning and being patient together. I can't explain it but it was something incredible the faith of them.  

In other news, I am gaining a testimony of exact obedience! It's the little things you change that may seem like they don't matter but make a big difference. We have seen miracles this week and lots and LOTS of tender mercies. Especially with our logros (achievements of our goals). Heavenly Father helped us not only accomplish but exceed most of our goals this last week. It was amazing.

Just one example, last night, we needed to have talked to 27 people for HCT (Hablar con todos- introducing the gospel) to meet our goal and the expectation which is 70 every week. This seemed overwhelming since we had 29 for the whole week before but we had faith we could do it. We had just a few minutes left before we had to be home and 11 more people to find to introduce the church. We found a group of 5 people and still had just a few more. We had 5 minutes and very close to our house and I usually would've felt like we should just head around the corner home. But I had a feeling to walk just a few houses up the street from ours to find more people and we found three. We started talking to them and soon one by one 4 other people just came up from nowhere and for each one I reintroduced who we were. Even though I had just said it, usually I would've felt silly to have said it just seconds before but with a strong handshake and smile I felt prompted to tell each person that came up to the group. I can't explain it very well but it was just really special to have that happen. Not only did we get to offically meet our neighbors but Heavenly Father helped provide us with people to talk with AND meet another one of our goals. 

It's the little things that matter. I am so grateful for those tender mercy moments from our Heavenly Father who blesses us with strength and desire to act especially when we need it! 

Here's hoping and praying for the help for another great week for us and you all,

Hermana Newman 

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