Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jason November 26, 2014

hey everyone! 

Sorry about not writing yesterday, I had to go to the Offices in Chihuahua (2 hours there, 2 hours back). i had to do a few things dealing with immigrations, because I have completed a year in mexico (today, actually), and so i need to review my visa. So exciting! I love this place :)

So, with that said, I am now able to write a bittoday, but with a little bit less time. How is everyone? from what i read, everything is going well for everyone. Here in Camargo, we are continuing to serve the Lord and our brothers and sisters in the gospel. We are planning and hoping on having a baptismal service for 4 of our investigators: Pedro, Karen, Andrea, and Andres. So many plans this week to get everything ready for their baptismal service, its crazy! but we are, nonetheless, very excited. 

I am doing my best to continue to reflect on not only the things i have yet to do, but the things i have done here in the mission. I am thankful for My Savior for trusting me enough to serve him and his children, and I bear testimony that when we are repentant and worthy, with a desire to serve him, he will trust all of us to participate in this great work of Salvation. all that is required are ready hands, a broken heart, and a contrite spirit. I have been able to, this last week, notice and enjoy the little things that make these 2 years a joyful experience, and I am glad to be able to continue in the work. 

May the Lord bless you all this week in all that you do, and remember: when we obey his commandments, he helps us and blesses us. #Obedience :) love you all!



*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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