Monday, November 10, 2014

Natalie November 10, 2014

 Hello everyone! 

I can't tell you how amazing it is to teach by the Spirit. I know it sounds basic but I am so grateful for the impressions that I have been feeling more and more. In PMG it explains that if you listen to what the people are saying and open your mouth, you will know what to say instead of trying to form a response. I have been seeing this more and more and I love it when my words are faster than my brain can think.I can't believe how many miracles we are seeing. I'm not sure if you remember I think in my first letter I mentioned that my companion said she calls this the island of miracles and I can see why. No matter how small, they're still miracles.

 There have been so many people whom when we are in the street, talking to, they say 'oh I'm catholic but I don't really like it' and I just can't believe how many little tender mercies we are experiencing. Another person said, well we're looking for a religion... Hermana Andersen said later..  hmm okay i think we know one! haha and I have discovered our purpose in our area.. along with finding people to teach, our goal is to help the ward gain back animo! Or as Hna. Andersen puts it, 'freshen them up' or something like that. We are planting those seeds and feel that very soon this ward is going to 'explode'! Well I just thought I would share those feelings of success this week.

Also I dreamed in Spanish!! Not the whole dream but at some point someone said a few phrases to me and I remember answering back all in the Spanish language! haha Well I hope you enjoy this next week and remember that sometimes we have to work hard to feel the impressions of the Spirit. This comes with constant and sincere prayer, faith and love for the Lord. 

Hasta proximo Lunes!

Hermana Newman

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