Monday, November 17, 2014

Jason November 17, 2014

One year later...


im speechless! I cant believe that this day has finally come. I have completed A YEAR in the mission! I have been thinking a ton about all that has happened in this past year, and let me tell ya...i wouldnt trade the laughs and memories, the lessons learned and given, the investigators, and the converts, for anything else in the world. I have become just that much more of a man, and It is still and will continue to be my goal to become that Missionary...that Man that Heavenly Father wants and needs me to become, and I know that the mission has been helping me to do that. Im not sure how it is for other missonaries, but i have been reflecting on it all, the past year that has happened, and also have been setting goals (as instructed by our mission presidents wife): daily goals, weekly, 2-3 months, and yearly ones. I feel that here in Camargo has been the area where I have had the most success, both in terms of the mission and personal spiritual progress. Elder Perez and I are so grateful to be serving together, and we are excited to continue on in our missions, and endure to the end, being missionaries until the day we die. 

i honestly cant really remember what happened last monday/tuesday/wednesday, but thursday/friday we had exchanges and I went to another city, Saucillo (sao-see-oh), with my district leaders companion. we had a good time, and cause he is still in training i got to teach him a bot about leaving commitments, and how we have to 1st invite them to do it, second promise blessings, third is bearing testimony (though this can be done at any point of the lesson), and 4th is following up. Preach my gospel is the best! (chapter 11 of preach my gospel)

Saturday was quite the day. we had a great start by going in the morning to help Raul, one of our newer investigators dig a trench on a part of his property in order to be able to put in a drain pipe. got some wicked blisters! still hurt., anyway, it was nice to be able to actually help someone in terms of service like that because everytime we ask if we can help people, people always just say (oh no its all good), but raul was like "well, ok, lets see what you can do!" haha and after inviting him to church, we left and headed to the house to eat. later on in the night, we went with a sister in her ward and her son to go visit a family that she contacted the same morning. she said they would come to church, and so we found 3 new investigators, thanks to the misionary efforts of the sister that we were with, sister Holguin. then, in route to the next house, we found a "former" investigator in the street (pedro, 12 yrs old, long story). He said that he moved in with his moms house, and its a complicated story, but the point is that he couldnt get baptized where he was due to his living situation, but now he can cause he lives with his mom and she says its completely fine if we come and visit him. so then, that was 3 more new investigators, making a total of 6 in the time lapse of an hour. MIRACLES!!! 

on sunday, we put on our best ties and shined our shoes up real good because our Mission President, The stake president, and Elder Salinas (area seventy) came to our ward! holy cow i was so nervous! its not like we really had reason to be because we had the possibility of having 12 investigators in the church, but it was just nerve-wrecking because noone big ever comes to camargo. its cause its a really small, kind of "off the map" ward. anyway, the sacrament meeting was excellent. Elder Salinas spoke of many topics, but the main one was of how Heavenly Father Cant take away our trials and hardships, because If he did, we wouldnt be able to progress and learn patience, happiness, etc. I testify that this is true, in the name of our master Jesus Christ, that He will not completely eliminate the challenges in our lives, bit we will lift them to the point where we wont be able to feel them on our backs, that if we follow him, he will place himself by our side under the heavy yoke of iron (trials), and will pull that load with us. In Mosiah 24:14-15, it tells us that God does not forget his people, and that he helps them in their afflictions. I know that this is true, for i have seen it in the last 369 days of my life, as well as throughout my life in its entirety. Later, he said that when he comes back,in january, he wants to see 4 deacons/teachers, and 4 we got some work to do! Proverbs 3:5-6. 

I love you all and i had a great week-i wish the same for you! remember that you are a blessing, a miracle, a son/daughter of God.




*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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