Monday, November 17, 2014

Natalie November 17, 2014

Hello all!
Wow I don't know where the time goes, this last week I completed 3 months in the mission and two in the field. So crazy where the time goes. How is the weather back home? It's cooled down a bit these last few weeks. So much in fact that everyone has jackets and beanies because they are so accustomed to the heat when it's a little chilly its cold for them haha. And to be honest, the Book of Mormon reading in Spanish is going really slow. I think I'm going to start making more time at night and even ask Hermana Andersen if we can wake up a little earlier so I can make have more time because the 30ish minutes for language study is good but we don't have language study M, Th, F or Sun. I want to be reading more so that is one of my goals.

In other news, I would say right now the biggest challenge we have is that our appointments fall through and we use our back up plans and the back ups of our backups and still struggle because people aren't home or can't meet afterall for one reason or another. However, we have found a few families from the lists that we are trying to correct and we couldn't be happier because we are strengthening them and one isn't actually baptized. The parents were but then separated and now their kids are all grown up so we are going to visit them because now they're our investigators! I am grateful that when our appointments get canceled, we can go visit the less active and I'm so happy that they are coming to church again! Also I loved the conference on Thursday we had with President and our little zone of 12 missionaries, that helped me so much. I just need to practice asking more questions and the right ones. Always room for improvement and for that I'm grateful.

As always, so much to do and say and so little time. Be safe and have fun! And challenge, write down a tender mercy every night that you saw from that day! 

Much Love,
Hermana Newman

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