Monday, July 20, 2015

Natalie July 20, 2015

Preparation and timing is Everything 

Yay! We had a baptism! It was super stressful because of some details of things that didn't happen ahead of time but in the end it all turned out great. I'm grateful that we were able to arrive in the area and help Sandra take the final steps to be prepared for baptism. She was so ready and now the journey continues as the next step is to prepare her for the vicarious work for baptisms for the dead in the temple :) The temple is amazing. It truly is a little piece of heaven on earth. To be prepared to enter into the temple, to have that recommendation to enter and participate in the sacred saving ordinances, is a good indicator that you are fulfilling the will of God and He will bless you. I hope and pray for each one of you to be in that direction to know you are ''in good hand's'' with the Lord. 

I have included pictures of Sandra's Baptism and one of my new companion Sister Carrasco and I. This week was better than the last but opening an area can be a bit challenging and difficult as we aren't familiar with the places and addresses and people but along the way we are slowly but surely finding new people. 

I have another neat, little experience that I just want to mention real quick.. On Saturday we were on our way to pick up Sandra to go to the church but we still had plenty of time even though my companion said we should stop by her house. Something told me just try to find one more person. 

When the Elders, missionaries left, as I briefly explained before they left a bit of information on who they were visiting before and some had baptism dates and some were new or other investigators and some were less-active members. Well the block/manzana of apartments where we were at we happened to have one address from the list of new or other investigators and I thought hey it's worth a try to see if we can locate this one last apartment. 

We found the apartment and the woman was super nice and with a slightly confused expression on her face at the same time gladly, and with a smile invited us in. Now, normally we have to explain we're the missionaries and especially if there were Elders they get confused there are Sister missionaries too so for us it was weird it was like she knew or remembered... 

We greeted her Hermana Yanette and her husband who was about to leave for work and we started talking to her. Well it turns out she is a member and has been asisting little by little again to church but her husband isn't a member. It was funny because she asked us who had sent us and we replied no one haha but simply it wasn't a coincidence we were there especially because her husband Mauro said he normally is there at home at that time either when we showed up.

Well Yanette started to open up to us completely and expressed gratitude that we arrived and hope for her husband who in times past didn't want to meet with the missionaries but this time she said it was different when we entered and greeted them. 

Last night we met with them and Mauro said he actually wanted to go to church with Yanette and his son Mauricio (3) but he was embarassed because he didn't have a ''white'' shirt. Aww we felt so bad but it was sweet. We assured him that it didn't matter as long as he was there and well, the visit was amazing and simple and my companion and I know he is ready to hear the message of the restored gospel. I know that the Lord works with and prepares the hearts of His children. And things do happen all in His time. We just have to be extremely patient. Haha Have a great week and don't forget to look for the good moments and tender mercies.


Sister Newman :D

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