Monday, July 6, 2015

Jason July 6, 2015

happy 4th of july!!!! 

Hey everyone!! 

woohoo, happy 4th of July!!! wow, what a crazy full week of work! I am loving the mission more and more everyday, but i am seeing that a lot of what a zone leader 

does is just going around and teaching/interviewing/baptizing all the investigators in the zone. We do have our own proselyting area, but it was just harder this week 

to work in it because we were constantly in the areas of the other missionaries. But, hey, i love it! something that was really cool was that in our area this week, 

when we were actually able to work, we had a great lesson with Juan, who is 21 and really just wants to know the truth. We taught the restoration, and i know that by 

the power of the holy ghost he was able to understand it. He was really excited about the book of MOrmon, and so i let him borrow mine for the day (cause we didnt have 

one on us...were gonna work on that), and then later went back and gave him his own copy. Love him!!

Other than cool lessons with investigators in our area, as well as the whole zone, we also had Leadership council, which for those who dont know its a meeting with the 

mission president and his wife, the assistants, all the zone leaders of the mission, and some of the sister training leaders (i think just the ones from chihuahua). 

Its something that lasts almost the whole day, and we have them once a month. I really enjoyed it and we learned a lot of valuable truths. (and all of what we learned 

is what we taught the following day to our zone in the zone meeting). One of the assistants Elder Mckay trained us on the difference between a tool and an 

instrument. an instrument is any object that is used as a means to complete a certain task. many tools make up an instrument. In alma 17:11, it tells us how we can be 

an instrument in the lords hands in this great work of salvation. if we just go among this people, presch to them, have patience, and be good examples, then we will be 

instruments in the hands of the Lord. I loved this training and am excited to continue to apply it in our labors here in our zone. Presidente Chavez trained us on Desires, 

and it was based off the talk on desire from Elder Dallin H. Oaks. the main thing was that Desires dictate our priorities, our priorities will lead us to make decisions, 

and our decisions will lead us to action. So, because THe Lord gives us time to have and desire certain things, while it is a good desire to go to the temple again, to 

have my own family and spouse, and graduate from college, etc., it is not the time or place for us in the field to have those desires present. Rather, we should have 

desires that we can actually act upon, such as baptizing and confirming, inviting others to come unto christ, to be exactly obedient, etc. Anyway, after we had food and 

then returned to our area. the next day, thursday, we had our zone meeting, as mentioned, and we got the zone really excited and pumped to press forward. nothin a few

motivational movie clips cant fix :)

lets see...ah! ok, so for some interesting experiences: this week my comp and i tried oysters for the first time. It was so funny to film it, because of the faces we

made as it went down. they were so gross!! nevertheless, we had a great time trying something new. actually, im just now remembering that that same day we also tried this 

chili, that was about the size of a peanut, and let me tell ya i was able to breathe fire for a few minutes--it was so stinkin hot!! literally, my tongue hurt soMey bad and 

i felt like it was on fire. quite interesting, because to take away the bad flavor of the oyster and the burn of the chili, they gave us cubes of cheese covered in maple

syrup. quite a fun eating experience! Also, it was really funny how this week, We left our keys in the padlock of the gate at the chapel. Dont ask me how my comp forgot 

the keys in the lock, but he did and so when we got home and realized we didnt have them, we called one of the district leaders who lives right there next to the chapel. 

all was well and he got them all right, but we were then in the pickle of how we were going to get inside. fortunately there is a window in our bathroom and we had a fun 

time getting through it. once inside, because of the lock on our door, we were also locked in from the inside. so, putting two and two together, the next morning to get 

out of the house...yep, you guessed it, we had to climb back out of that window, which was harder than getting in it. haha, #missisonexperiences . 

to close, just want to make a tribute to my companion, Elder Meyer. He is such an amazing, well spirited missionary. He is an example to me in many ways, and I love him. 

He really is my best friend here right now and is SO FUNNY!! he is one of those guys who everything that he says I laugh at. I am grateful to have a companion who is on 

the same page as me: who is desirous to work in the vineyard of the lord, and who wants to be here to bring others unto Christ. we have almost too much fun together, and 

i am so happy here in this new area and zone. though the work load may be tough, and the responsibility is definitely a lot more, we love our savior and trust in him always. 

I love Jesus Christ. I serve him and the people he has comissioned me to preach unto. I know that he Lives, that our Heavenly Father lives, and that throught the atonement 

of Jesus Christ, we can be made clean and be freed from sin and captivity, which if we endure with faith, will allow us to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. May 

we all act as our God needs us to act, and do our part as both members and missionaries to save souls and participate in this great work of salvation. 




*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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