Monday, July 20, 2015

Jason July 20, 2015

not too much...just a TON of work!!! 

WOW, what a crazy workload! this week, i could barely remember what had happened from one day to the next because my companion and I worked SOO hard! we were able to actually achieve a lot of our goals, yet our zone is still struggling a bit so we have some big plans to help them. One thing that i definitely remember is the fact that Elder meyer and i did this leg workout on tuesday that caused me pain untill...well, still feelin it actually! lol, they were air squats: he did one, i did one, he did two, i did two, he did three, i did three....all the way up until 25! so, in total, we did 325 air squats that morning, in the time of about 15 min. crazy, huh?

um...not too much new in our area. we met some really cool people, and are hoping to go back with them this week. 

I am so grateful for the book of Mormon. we had a sweet training meeting with our mission president, and we learned so much about the book of mormon. I love how much i learn when i read and study it, and I am grateful to know that so much blood and tears went into preserving those records, so that we would be able to have them today. The book of mormon was literally wrote for US--OUR DAY. the bible, yes, is scripture and applies to us, but it was of gods dealings with the jews and the inhabitants of that part of the world. where do we live? in the americas!, so which book applies to us more? thats right, the book of mormon. im grateful for the scriptures, for they truly do testify of Christ. fun fact: the bible says the word atonement one time, and in the book of mormon it is mentioned 52 times. (according to elder nash, a 70). 

thank you all so much for your support, i know this letter is a quick one, but know that I love you all and pray that we all may continue to work in the Lords Vineyard, until he says "the work is done". adios!!




*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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