Monday, July 13, 2015

Natalie July 13, 2015

Wrong area?

Hello everyone!!! Wow what a change of pace again. New area, new companion, new investigators, new apartment and even though it's all in Cancun it's completely different from my area beforehand when I was here! There are a few things I recognize from the last time like where the stake center is but that's about it lol

My companion's name is Hermana Carrasco. She is from the Estado de Mexico, in a place called Ixtapaluca (eeks-tah-pa-luca) :D Her previous area was in Tizimin, Yucatan so this week we had an adventure trying to familiarize ourselves with the area. We get along great, she is hilarious and I think we're going to have a great time together. -Of course with a few challenges and trials because it's part of God's plan but nevertheless wahoo! It's a change and change is always good, more than anything for the better. 

And this week we have already see miracles. One in particular I will share is about a young woman named Sandra. Sandra is an investigator whom we found in the Area Book who had a baptismal date but it didn't say exactly when because well long story short we just had her name and address and normally there is a teaching record linked with the information of how all the visits with the missionaries previously went. Well we don't know what happened to that record but as I said we had her name and address and no appointments so we went to go and find her!  

When we finally found her apartment her sister Alejandra opened the door and hardly said anything to us but that her sister was indeed home. We introduced ourselves to them both and Sandra invited us in, we started talking, come to find out her sister Alejandra and her husband were baptized three months ago and barely talked to us because she told us she thought we were Jehovah's Witness and then recognized the nametag and it threw her off because she didn't know the missionaries weren't just Elders but can be Sisters too! 

Both of them began assisting church almost a year ago! but Sandra couldn't get baptized because she was living with someone and not married. And it was about 2 weeks prior since the missionaries had visited her but last Friday July 3 she said to her sister I think I'm ready to meet with the missionaries again but her sister said it would be difficult since now that she had separated from her boyfriend, the Elders couldn't enter into their home unless another adult male is there and Alejandra's husband works all day. 

SO on Sunday July 5, Alejandra said to Sandra, don't worry the Lord always accommadates a way for everything, everything will work out. Then this last Thursday is when we had shown up on their doorstep. Two sisters that could enter into their home to teach her. Coincidence? AND about 30 minutes before we found them, our mission President informed us that we moved into the wrong house into the wrong area and doesn't know how that happened so I was worried did we really move into the wrong area or the right one? 

Well, as we were getting to know Sandra we talked about the baptismal interview questions and asked if she would prepare to be baptized next Saturday. I was struggling with two dates in my head, 18th and 25th, praying in my heart to know what to do because I wasn't sure if she would say yes or if she was ready but remembering we talked about the questions and felt everything was fine the spirit whispered to me, just ask about the 18th. And I thought, true why shouldn't I? The worst that could happen is that she would need more preparation. So when I asked if she would be baptized Saturday the 18th she paused, a smile grew on her face and joyful said OK! and then she opened up even more and well long story short, that's how miracles happen. So we're going to have a baptism this week! :D 

This was an experience that increased my testimony of miracles and not just that coincidences happened. Everything happens for a reason.. Everything. Happens. For a Reason. 

Love you all!

Hermana Newman 


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