Monday, May 4, 2015

Natalie May 4, 2015

104! 9 to go...

WOW!! So this week was super crazy because well the number 104 is significant for two reasons. One, because the other day it was 44 degrees Celcius down here!!! That's104 degrees!!!! I went to José Maria Morelos for exchanges for the day. It's another town about an hour and a half from here. And the other missionary I was with took pictures so I'll have to get them from her and send them later. But holy cow we're getting into the hot months for sure haha. 

The second reason for why the number 104 is so significant is because that's the number of people we ''contacted'' this week! It's the highest number of people I have talked to in one week in the entire time of my mission. (In regards to contacting new people who haven't heard of the gospel. It's what we call Hablar Con Todos or Talk With Everyone) Anyway it's alot and we are seeing the fruits of it because we have found so many new investigators and we were able to extend so many baptism invitations, just from last week we have 15 new investigators. Ah so many miracles and blessings are occurring and I know that it's because we are doing the work of the Lord. I only hope this week we can continue to have this success and have the spirit literally guide us. There are so many times where He has literally whispered to us!

For example, the other day when we were teaching someone how to pray and the difference between praying and reciting (I think that's what it's called lol it's rezar in Spanish I can't remember exactly). So when we were teaching someone to pray my companion wanted to put the example of a child talking to her parent everyday and if hadn't talked in awhile it would be sad. Well we talked about how it's the same of praying. Our Father in Heaven wants to hear from us everyday and would be sad if we didn't talk to him in a long time.

Well when my companion asked the woman of about 24 years of age, something interesting happened. She said, ''Not praying to God in a long time is like if you hadn't talked to your mom in a really long time! How would you feel if you hadn't talked to your mom in a really long time?'' My companion expected her to say sad and give the obvious answer. But as I looked at this girl, waiting for her response it was like a thought from another source was telling me in that moment, she doesn't have a mom. As I looked at her I saw her mouth quiver as if she was about to cry and she said, ''Well I wouldn't know because I don't have one''. That was a very small yet powerful moment in which I knew the spirit was helping me discern. It is very real and I have felt many experiences like this and continue to all because the Lord loves us and wants to communicate to us. 

I hope you all have a great week and listen for the impressions of the Spirit! They will save your life.

With Love,

Hermana Newman

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