Monday, May 4, 2015

Jason May 4, 2015

The fastest slowest week ever!

Wow, what a week full of surprises! I am so happy here on the mission and am doing great! i love my companion, our area is great and theres lots of work, I LOVE being here in the city again (chihuahua), and I was able to Skype call my brother to see him open his mission call!!!! im sure you all already know, but Brandon, my brother, has been called to serve in the Texas McAllen mission, spanish speaking. I know that he will be a great leader in the mission and am happy for him. Love you brandon!!

Anyway, this week we didnt get to work a whole ton in our area, because we had a lot of meetings and other surprise things. For example, thursday morning we went to a training meeting with President Chavez (oh how ive missed those), then friday morning we had a zone meeting, then all day saturday we went to our last areas (in the city of cuauhtemoc), and then yesterday we didnt work either because i got to call brandon on skype! 

that was the other big surpeise, was on saturday. so, when Elder Mcgavin and I left Cuauhtemoc, we didnt really get to say goodbye to anybody because it was something so all of a sudden, and we had some investigators that were really progressing and so close to baptism. but we left and they got sad and then became iffy about doing it. they knew it was true, they just really wanted us top baptize them. so the zone leaders over there pulled some strings, and were able to get permission, and us too, to go over there and baptise them! i was able to see my previous comp, Elder Johnson, and baptize our investigator, Jeimy, and Elder Mcgavin was able to see his old comp, Elder Morales, and baptize their investigator, Rosa. It was a great day as we were able to feel a bit nostalgic/dejavu-ish, and be in cuauhtemoc again. I love our investigator jeimy so much, and all of their family. i kind of look at her as a little sister :)  I am definitely going to stay in contact with them after the mission. they are some of my favorite people i have met here on the mission. 

and, in other news, we had 4 investigators in church, 2 of which are progressing very well. their names are Monica and Adrian. Monica is a 13 year old who lost her mom a few years back, and her main interest in the church is that families can be together. she was so nervous to go to church, but it turns out that she got to her young womens class and she already knew one or 2 of the girls there, so she is really excited. with adrian, he started going to a cristian church a few months ago and its kinda hard with him cause he has some cristian influences that confuse him with the true doctrine, but last time we saw him we bore powerful testimony of the boko of mormon, and he committed to reading it and praying to recieve an answer. the next day, we recieve a text from a member friend, telling us that he told her to tell us to pass by for him to take him to church. 

i know that the work is growing and moving forward at an evermore speedy pace, and we are continuing to do our best to build up zion here in chihuahua. I love you all and am grateful for your support. have a great week!!! 




*Elder Newman*

Misión México Chihuahua

November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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