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Jason May 25, 2015

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Hola familia!! 

haha how is everyone? so forewarning this letter may be cut very short due to the time i have, which is...i dont know how many minutes. let me explain: 

So, really funny, last night between 7 and 10:30 we were waiting for the transfers call, because today is the first day of the new cycle. Elder Mcgavin, my companion, was really nervous, but i was just fine. in fact, we were just sitting all quiet in our house, reading the scriptures, and in waiting, I fell asleep early and elder Mcgavin just kept on waiting. We end up getting a call at 12:21am from our zone leader, and he said that I have cambios (transfers), and that my companion was staying. i was really bummed, because this ward is my favorite so far in my whole mission. and we may have a baptism this saturday!! pero bueno, we got up early and I started to pack all my things. we get done, and we leave the house to eat breakfast at a members house, and it was so great, we get a call from our zone leader telling us that he made a mistake. My voice and Elder Mcgavins voices sound so similar, but really I was the one staying and Elder Mcgavin was the one who had transfers!! WHAT A TWIST!! we were both bummed, because we had a really really good companionshop. I love Elder Mcgavin and it will probably be him with whom i spend time with the most, in regards to my mission companions, after the mission. so, really funny, we go back to our house, and then after packing all of his stuff, we call hermano garcia, a member taxi driver, and he takes us over just in time for the meeting. to fast forward a bit, everyone finds out who their new companion is, all is well, but my name never popped up on the screen. so, due to small errors in the making transfers process, i just had to wait for a bit. Later, i was told that my new companions name is Elder Del Angel, but he hadnt arrived from another city yet. so, Since 2 pm and counting, i have been waiting for him to get here patiently, and actuallly have just been with Elder Hoopes, one of my best mission buddies, and his companion elder Navarro. 

Ill let you all know how things are about that next week. 

the only other exciting news is that we had 4 people at church!!!!!! Isaac, our miracle man, Monica, potential baptism this saturday, Janeth, and Jairo, another big tender mercy. I love them all and they are all progressing. this last week of Elder Mcgavin and Is companionship was by far the best, and though i am nervous to "take the reins" in regards to leading the area and what not, with only 5 weeks in the area, i will just do what i did in camargo with only 2 weeks in the area: trust in the Lord. 

I love this mission so much and I have such a burning testimony on how the harvest really is so great, and the laborers are few. we find people everyday that i say to myself at least once a day "wow, could you imagine if you wouldnt have opened your mouth on that one?". I love the Spirit of the Lord, and recently also I have been reading my book of Mormon, but everytime i find a scripture that talks about the atonement, I highlight it in red. so, by the end i will have a book of mormon full of marked scriptures on the greatest event to ever occur in history, from the beginning of creations to the endless ages of eternity. I love the Lord and will forever be in debt to him for letting me serve him and his children. 

have a great week everyone and will hopefully have a more exciting letter next week. blessings!!




*Elder Newman*

Misión México Chihuahua

November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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