Monday, May 18, 2015

Jason May 18, 2015

general authority weekend, and a milagrote! (huge miracle)

Wow, what a great week, and an inspirational weekend!!

within the week, we did a lot of work. we really tried our best to better establish a good teaching pool of investigators. And we did, and like every wek we had ups and downs. some of the ups were we had a lot of great lessons with the investigators we have. Monica still has a baptismal date for the 30th of this month, and we are going to help her understand better the atonement of Jesus Christ so that she can give up coffee. We also found some new investigators, of the which include Morena, Karen and Maria, and a man who i will never forget in my entire mortal life. he is a pure miracle. 

I thought i understood what the word miracle meant, and then Elder Mcgavin and I met Isaac Ojeda. We were on our way to a family home evening with a couple who were recently baptized a few months ago, named ana and oswaldo (dont wanna get sidetracked, but oswaldo is deaf and mute, so he speaks spanish sign language. long story short, i know how to say cucumber, blender, how are you?, drive, Jesus Christ, thank you, more, water, and please in sign language :) . anyway, we thought the family home evening was at 7, but she called us right at 7 and told us it started at 8. so right as we hung up the phone, a man started walking our way and we both felt that strong impression to contact him. He has a very long story, and a very special situation, but needless to say he has accepted a baptismal date for the 30th of this month. He said all the "golden investigator" phrases, such as "im looking for a church where i can know more about God and the Lord", or "God has told me to do things right", or "i have been praying for a sign from God for months and I know he sent you guys to me"....just a super prepared guy. his main interest in the church is that he feels that He owes everything to God, because after having fallen from the second floor of a building in a construction project, and having been in a coma for 3 weeks, he is alive and doing well. I love him so much and it gives me so much hope that Heavenly Father saw Elder Mcgavin and I worthy and humble enough to teach HIM in specific. he has sooo much interest in our message, and in fact, after having put so many plans of rides for 11 of our investigators coming to church, He was the only one that came. But he has told us that he is willing to go by himself every time now. I never have had an investigator like him before in my entire mission. I am loving this area, hands down. 

We had so much member help!! the members here are the best, and I love working with them. they are a big help and love Elder Mcgavin and I, seeing as how we are the only ones in the ward. 

ok, so last thing was that this weekend we were able to hear and learn from 3 general authorities: Elder Marcus B. Nash, of the seventy, on saturday, and then earlier this morning from Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela from the area presidency and President Craig C. Christensen from the presidency of the seventy. Their messages were very helpful and I think all of us as a mission are going to be doing a lot of refining and more emphasis on the atonement of Jesus Christ. Recently, we have been focusing on teaching from the heart and with the spirit more, and so they helped us understand that better. With Elder Nash, he taught us how if we incorporate the Plan of Salvation in every lesson, the Investigators will be more likely to keep their commitments. President Christensen Helped us understand, along with Elder Valenzuela, that there are 4 "pillars" of the atonement, of the which include the Resurrection, Forgiveness of sins, grace, and the enabling power. i am going to better study these 4 topics this week. also, if you want a more spiritual scripture study, study Preach my Gospel Chapter 2, study with a question in mind, and D and C section 8:2-3. 

I hope everyone has a really great week, and am really enjoying how i have been able to see my self change and be made clean through Jesus christ and hHis redeeming Blood, and how i can definitely say that I am not the same person I was 18 months ago, for Christ has helped me to become someone even better. 

I love you all and keep Praying!!




*Elder Newman*

Misión México Chihuahua

November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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