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Natalie March 9, 2015

A New Light named Francis :D I love her!!!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great week. I had a good first week in Cancun. Well as far as the work goes, two days was super awesome and the next two weren't because people weren't home, appointments fell through, you know that stuff.

So Ah not sure if you're dying to know or with curiosity or didn't really mind waiting to hear about Francis! Francis is amazing. I hope you enjoyed the pictures last week. We had been working with her for a few month- since December. Well actually November for maybe two, three visits but something happened, I can't remember and we didn't go back for awhile. Well a month later, we saw her again in the street and she said to us, ''Hey, why haven't you come to visit me? It's been a month!'' lol oops well we started visiting her and little by little she started to progress. We taught her the Restoration and she accepted the Book of Mormon. She started to read it and she prays everyday. For awhile I thought she wasn't going to progress because she kept talking about the Catholic and what they did in the Catholic church. But that's the lesson of not giving up on people. Like I said little by little she progressed.  

Francis had difficulties with her family but they are so much better now. She told us, ''things have changed, and I have changed and I know it's because Heavenly Father sent you to my door. Since the day you came I knew it was because he answered my prayers.'' She told us that she had asked Heavenly Father for help and then two weeks later we showed up. 

When we taught the doctrine, she read, she prayed and accepted it. She was able to allow it to change her. And the result was magnificent. When we taught about the Law of Tithing and Fast Offerings she was once again willing and ready to accept it. She doesn't work but she has a little business of selling what are called Saborines (Sah-bor-een-es). They're pretty much like a type of Mexican popsicle is how I like to put it lol. One of these days I'll have to get a picture of them..

Well to continue the last part of the story, she was so excited that she could pay tithing even if it's with what little she makes from selling Saborines. Well the day of her baptism was going to be on a Sunday and it was Fast Sunday. The day before on Saturday night, there was a Young Women's activity that Francis and Ana her daughter, went to. When we arrived we saw that they were finishing preparations to put the food out and Francis with a worried voice motioned and beckoned to me saying, ''Hermana Newman, come here. Tengo una duda...''  

Tengo means I have and duda can me either doubt or concern. So me being worried that is was something about getting baptized or the church I go over and she says to me, ''Is that food for everyone?'' ''Yeah why?'' I say to her. ''Because I can't eat it.'' I laugh and ask why not. She doesn't answer but instead puts her hands on her hips and purses her lips looking at me like I should know the answer.

Well I didn't know for sure the answer but I asked.. ''Because you're fasting?'' She nodds her head as if saying mmhmm. Hahaha With a sigh of relief and happiness inside we talked about it and I said I know I'm bummed too because we also had begun our fast. But I mean she wasn't even baptized yet and already had decided to live that simple law. She touches my heart her strength, her self-esteem, her growth, her light, her testimony. She is now a part of my testimony. 

OKay well sorry that was so long but it made up for last week right? lol Thanks for listening, reading and I hope this week you go and find or discover what will be your own spiritual experience. Until next Monday,

Love from Cancun,

Hermana Newman

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