Monday, March 16, 2015

Jason March 9, 2015

I love me some miracles :)

wow, que suave fue este semana!!

this week was great. really great! it was very bittersweet, especially in regards to sunday, but more sweet than bitter. we had 12 investigators in the chapel!! 6 were ours and recieving the lessons, but the other 6 were pure miracles. ok, who am i kidding, i always consider it a miracle when even just one investigator comes to church. Isabel and her daughter Karen came, and they are gonna get baptized this month for sure, and a sweet older lady in our ward named hermana acosta brought her neighbor who we have visited a few times named maribel. hermana acosta is one of the best missionary members in the whole world. ill try to get a picture with her to send. she is great. anyway, and then we went early in the morning to remind the familia loya about church, but they didnt answer so we left a note. they didnt come, and we were pretty bummed, but then we came back to the chapel for the second wards meeting, and there they were in the sacrament meeting! it was the best!!!!! only the mom and daughter came, their names are arela and lizeth. then, the miracle investigators were two that the other missionaries contacted on the way to church, then two others who are part of a family that have been coming a lot we just never knew them, and then two, i still cant believe this happened...are jose and rosa maria. we had visited them earlier in the week, had set an appointment to come back, but then we had a meeting and werent able to go with them. they end up coming to church on their own, looking for an "Elder Newman", to tell us that they were waiting for us. whoa!!! youve gotta know that pretty much never happens. anyway, we asked if we could call them on tuesday to see when we could come by and jose, the husband, is like "no worries, we will just call you because we are the ones interested". miracles!!!! so that was our adventurous day yesterday, on sunday. great sunday. 

i am excited because i am making these lists that are gonna help us as a district stay more organized and focused on the investigators. its a list of investigators in teaching, and so hopefully we will see more progress with the investigators that we have all laid out and organized on a list. 

we had a few really great lessons this week. we saw a man sitting on the sidewalk, picking up small branches that he had cut off his tree for firewood. His name is Alfredo, and we felt the impression to sit down with him and teach him. i truly felt like a disciple of Christ as we were humble enough to not care about getting our hands and pants dirty and dusty, but i remember that for me in that moment, the most important thing was leting Alfredo know that he is a Son of God and that there really in a true church in this world. He wasnt able to come to church, but we are definitely going back. he is already living the law of tithing and the word of wisdom, even though he may not realize that they are commandments. we feel that he is super prepared and are excited to go back. 

well, those were the main  things that happened this week. its still pretty cold in the city where we are, but no worries--rain or snow (which weve had both), we are out there working hard "to bring the world his truth". i had a great week, and can truly testify that this Church is the true church of Jesus Christ, and that by making and keeping sacred covenants with Him, we will be able to walk back to the presence of the Father. I promise you all, and give my personal witness and testimony as a representative of Jesus Christ, that the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith was and is indeed a prophet of God, and that in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we find the instructions, commandments, ordinances, and principles that are necessary for us to know in order to gain exhaltation. I love it and will always be a part of it. Its not easy being here on the mission, but it is so worth it. 

until next week, friends and family. i love you all and may the lord bless you all abundantly this week. take care!



Elder Newman


*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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