Monday, March 23, 2015

Natalie March 23, 2015

 ¡Saludos de Cancun!

Buenas tardes! Oh I am learning so much and know that it won't end soon. The journey of learning that is. I do know that specific prayers really work! I am always reminded of what everyone says, there are no coincidences. The coincidences we think happen are really tender mercies in our life. It is so hard to constantly push satan our of your mind and the negative thoughts that can come BUT it's not impossible. As Hermana Lopez always says, about whatever it would be.. es dificil pero no imposible. Well anyway I say all this because all though the though still comes to mind that it was a coincidence I try to remember it's not. So when I was with Hermana Calderon for exchanges on Tuesday, she talked to me about praying specifically for finding people. For example, she related the story to me about how one day her and Hermana Perez decided that since with they weren't having too much success with their HCT (contacting people) and (no one wanted to give their direction) they were going to be very specific in their prayer and Hermana Calderon said Heavenly Father, please help us find this person who is a woman and she will be wearing a white blouse and black pants who will also be willing to give her direction. Well the next day they didnt find her but the day after that they found her and it didn't even occur to her that the person fit the description until she was almost finished writing down the address. I tell you this story because then I said to her, so you're telling me I can just make it up, randomly and say Heavenly Father I want to find someone who is wearing a blue shirt, um glasses, and has gray hair! Like that? I was skeptical. But I tried it. The next day I kept thiking about this person in my mind, a man who wasn't too old but not so young either, with a blue sport type shirt, glasses and gray hair. Well as we were talking to people and got lead one way and another, I found him. This man who fit the description exactly. Minus the sport type shirt part but I mean I thought, no way, Heavenly Father why do you have to be so funny and we just so happened to find this person I had been thinking of all morning. 

I know that true, specific and sincere prayer works. These instances can't be coincidences. They can't. They are signs that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us and He knows us and our desires. I know this to be true. And I share it with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Hope you all have a great week and try this challenge of praying more specifically and having the faith that it works! 


Hermana Newman

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