Monday, March 16, 2015

Jason March 16, 2015

The learning continues...

Hola, familia y amigos!

this last week was great! i think its interesting that i always seem to comment on the week that had just happened, but this week i am more excited, nervous, and anxious for the upcoming week.

of the few things that I remember that happened this last week, cause really as a missionary you just get going and going and the memory span isnt too long, I do remember that we were able to see the movie "meet the mormons" projected in the chapel. Every misión president got one, and so we were able to see it for free :)  . wow, I loved it!!!!!!! For those who dont know, its a documentary style film that includes 6 stories of 6 different members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. It shows a bit about their lives, and really just a good message to the world to show that, contrary to popular belief, we are NORMAL! haha it was hard to , but i did manage to hold back tears in a few parts of the film. Highly recommend it for everyone.

Also, i thought it was really neat how we found a lot of new investigators and have increased our teaching pool of investigators. we had 6 in the chapel yesterday, 2 grandparents named maria and Claudio, and the familia castillo!!!! the goal is to get them baptized and confirmed this week. Their names are Isabel, Karen, Dariana, and Leslie. we are gonna do everything posible to help them get baptized this week, as their date is in fact this saturday.

So, with this upcoming week, there were mini transfers. Elder Johnson, my companion, went to a closeby town called anahuac (about the same as going from salt lake to Park City), and an Elder from anahuac came to serve with me in his place. his name is ELder Blanchard and he is from South Jordan. the idea is that he, having 7 months in the misión, and I will recieve a more intensified training in this next week in regards to leadership. even though its gonna be really hard and trying for me, im grateful and excited for just that reason, to see how i will be able to grow and become better and stronger this week. Im grateful for this oppportunity, because i never really got that training in regards to how to be a leader. If teres one thing i have learned, its that the definition of a leader is "someone who helps others become better disciples of Jesús Christ". so, thats gonna be my overall goal in this time.

I love you all and am doing well, having great experiences and really just learning, learning, learning. daily. I pray that you may all have a good week!



p.s. it continues to be freezing and now with more rain. 


*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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