Monday, December 8, 2014

Natalie December 8, 2014

Todavia en Cozumel!

Hi everyone! So first big piece of news I'm still in Cozumel!!! We had transfers but I'm still here only with a new companion! My traning is over and my new companion's name is Hermana Gijon (Hee-hone) It's kind of difficult her name but she is really sweet and is from la ciudad de Mexico! (Mexico City) President told me that she is to help me with my Spanish even more so that I can soon train. He said they have a lot of confidence in me but my Spanish still lacks. Of course it could always improve lol because right now I can get by but I want to excel and I'm excited that she will help me with that and that I can learn other things. I'm so glad that we have so many people we can learn something new from. It's a new adventure even though it's the same place. I'm so grateful that we can always improve and be even more diligent and exercise our faith even more. 

Have you seen the new video from the church He is the Gift? I absolutely love the video. When I watched it for the first time and even the second I was in tears. I think it was mainly because it made me think about how it was a gift from Christ to us, His atonement. Not only that He was a gift from Heavenly Father. I want to learn so much more about Him. I want to be able to share that with others that He is the one who matters. I am learning so much and I know that this change of companions will help me a lot. Hermana Andersen helped me so much but I am happy to have Hermana Gijon too because I know we can learn so much from different people as I previously mentioned. I know she will teach me much as well and I can't wait to work with her and continue to grow. 

I want to testify that prayers and the scriptures are powerful. The other day I had a specific question in mind and I wanted to pray first so that I could really find an answer in the scriptures. I was saying my prayer and imagined actually opening the scriptures and thinking what I would turn to. A certain book came to mind and afterwards numbers and then with these numbers in mind I opened to the scripture and used the reverse numbers to look at that scripture as well. I found one more reference with the numbers that were in my head so all in all, I found 3 scriptures that I had in my mind no doubt inspired by the spirit and when I applied them to me, it was exactly what I needed. The next day I did the same thing with a different question and again I received an answer. I couldn't believe that it was a 'coincidence' not only that it happened once but twice. 

I am so grateful for the inspiration we can receive and I know that it's only possible if we have the faith, and if we are worthy to recieve it. I hope you all have yet another great week!

Love from Cozumel,

Hermana Newman 

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