Monday, December 15, 2014

Jason December 15, 2014

Hello from Cuauhtemoc!

Family and friends, 

how is everyone? I hope everyone is staying excited and happy during this christmas season, for it truly is the best. I am so grateful for this chance to be able to spread the gospel in a formal way during christmas, and that I can let everyone know the real reason why we celebrate it: To celebrate the birth of Christ. 

So, as i mentioned briefly last week, on tuesday I had transfers. I had I am now in another city called Cuauhtemoc (coo-waww-teh-mukk). its a great city!! its pretty cold here, and some people have said it has snowed here already. woohoo!! there are 2 branches here, another branch in a little town like 20 minutes away, called Anahuac (uh-naa-wok), and the 2 branches in the Sierra are also part of our district. Its really exciting, because there are so many members willing to help us, so that together we may be able to see a skake here in Cuauhtemoc in april or so. Nevertheless, its been tough, because...(drumroll)... im kind of opening area. and training. and district leader. wow. no but its great! It has been the hardest week of my entire mission, but I know that If i continue to trust in the Lord, he will help me get through it. 

So with being a district leader, i have seen it ben done all through out my mission with my different district leaders, but its so much harder and can be stressful when youre actually doing it. it was confusing and veryhectic, because before i got here, the 2 zones were doing a ton of exchanges and the trainees werent being trained well, and it was just kind of a mess. but now that after the first week, i know my district better, I know my area, i know how to get to and froçm the chapel, and im starting to get to know a few members, its getting better. just keep me in your prayers, por favor. :) 

with opening area, its been a bit tough. although its a very small area, its tough because my companion only has 6 weeks and in those 6 weeks he went with al kinds of elders in different areas, really not being able to work in our own. so we only have 13 investigators, none of which were able to come to church, and while we did have a quick baptismal service for 2 people, Janeth and cesar, it was just kind of weird because really Neither Elder Johnson nor I knew them. but we were happy to see them get baptized and confirmed, of the which are the most important. so we are doing everything we can to work in our area and find people, and this next week we will be focusing on visiting the members in our area, and asking them for references. 

and last but not least, Training. My new companion is Elder Johnson. He is AWESOME!!!! he is from orem too, and guess where he went to high school...nope, not orem- Mountain View. haha enemy territory!! (Orem and Mountain View are rival schools). no,  weve had a good laugh about it, and actually know a few of the same people. we have a lot in common, and though he has only 7 weeks in the field and doesnt know the language quite yet, he has a big heart and is willing to serve the Lord with It. I know it will be hard trying to focus on these 3 new responsibilities, but i know at the end of the day (literally), i do my best to focus on training and making sure he feels happy and comfortable all the time. Im excited, though, to see how things go this cycle. 

And last but not least, the MISSION CHRISTMAS PARTY!! its this saturday, and we are very excited. It is always fun to be with other missionaries. from the city where we are, it takes about an hour to travel by bus to get to Chihuahua. but its all of these days ill get to go back to Chihuahua. i just love that city.  

if anything, i learned this week that to be a leader, one has to take initiative, and be a step ahead of things, not a step behing. actually, it was great, last night we had a meeting with all the leadership in the entire district (branch presidents, district presidency, missionaries in leadership, high council, etc.), and as you can imagine this entire week i have been praying and asking "What am i supposed to do as a district leader, Heavenly Father? How can i fulfill this duty?", and I think the Lord made me wait a week in order to get my answer. a brutal week, yet endured with patience, I then recieved an answer yesterday in this meeting. our district president said, with tears and bearing testimony "The purpose of a Leader is to motivate and to edidy". It hit me to the core, and after being touched by the sirit in that moment, I know that things will be better now, and hopefully not as stressful.

I hope everyone has a great week this week, and I love you all! Keep Serving the Lord, and he will serve you in return. Feliz Navidad!



*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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