Monday, December 1, 2014

Natalie December 1, 2014

Hey! Happy Thanksgiving hope everyone had a great time! 

Just a few quick words I just want to say that I am learning the aspect of losing myself to find my true self. I remember the talk from Elder Bednar in the MTC about how if you go and do something with the intention of finding yourself you won't but if you serve and learn to love others then you'll find yourself in the process. I can't recall the words exactly but he said something of that idea. And just the other day I found a scripture in my personal study that says the exact same thing! I had no idea there was a scripture that mentions that concept. Maybe Elder Bednar uses it in his talk but I was so happy to have come across it. And actually I can't remember now where it is at the moment but I know it was in the bible! lol I'll go look for the reference in my journal later and give it next week.

 So even though I am doing better, I'm still adjusting and trying to strengthen my testimony every chance I get. But I know that the more we are trying to be EXACTLY obedient we are being blessed. I know that the feelings I get are coming from the Spirit always helping me to recognize not only from right and wrong but what is good, better and best. It's still a challenge everyday. I never realized that as missionaries we have to work even harder to always be diligent and doing the right thing because we have to search for the Spirit.

 I am grateful for my companion who listens to me and truly is there for me and very understanding. I am grateful for the Spirit we are feeling more and more. I am grateful for the feeling or rememberence to diligently wake up and start exercise. (We weren't good at that before as we are now) I am grateful for the Spirit to enlighten my mind with the words of Spanish I need to recall and say. I am grateful for the scriptures. I love finding verses that speak to me and bring joy or feel that 'delightness'. It makes me want to learn more and build up my strength so that I don't feel down or confused. Everyday I am learning and continuing to strive and never give up because I still feel like I lack a little bit of confidence including in myself but Thank you for your support and prayers and love. I sure can feel it!!

Until next week,

Hermana Newman :)

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