Monday, December 22, 2014

Jason December 22, 2014

 merry almost-christmas everyone!

CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! i love you all!

how is everyone doing? I am doing a lot better than my first week in this area. As you all read last week, I got made a district Leader, trainer, and pretty much opening area, so it has been rouhg, but this week was a lot better. we had a bit more of success in finding new pwople to teach and contacted a ton, so this week we will be focusing more on contacting the contacts that we found, making them new investigators and hopefully a lot of baptismal dates. 

In terms of new investigators, we had one of the biggest miracles ive ever seen on my mission, and probably THE biggest for elder Johnson, since he doesnt have a ton of time. SO, we were coming home from a very busy day, full of work, and we got home a bit early. The Zone Leadewrs called, and when I told them that we got home a bit early, they told us to go back out and work. so, i said "all right, we will go back out and contact ne more person." and Elder TOlbert, ZL, is like "thats what im talkin about" haha. so, we went over to the owners of the apartments where we are living, and rang their doorbell. we were just a bit nervous, but what ended up happening was this lady came out, and we asked if she was the owner (weve never actually met them). She said no, rather she was a cousin of them living there. so, in sharing the gospel she then asks "so what are you guys doing here?" - IN ENGLISH!!! haha i was so happy for elder johnson so that he could understand. so we get talking and sharing more, gave her a restoration pamphlet and a book of mormon, and she had mentioned to us that she had been looking for a good church cause she just moved here, and that she not only loves to read and study, but she LOVES to pray. (ding ding ding--what every missionary wants to hear). Her name is imelda, and we are going to put a baptismal date with her this week. 

the other cool thing from this week was the mission christmas dinner. there was like 50 turkeys, 227 missionaries, and members of the stake/district presidencies. it was an all day event, and we had a lot of fun. It was good to see all my missionary friends and am just overall excited to see what the mission has in store for me and for all of us. my favorite part of this dinner was that there was a "candy bar", which were tables of candy/fruit, and chocolate fondue fountains. it was legit!! I am grateful i was/am able to spend this christmas season with friends here in the mission. 

well, my friends, as we all cant wait for it, it has finally come--CHristmas is in a few days!! may we all stay excited and grateful for not only what we have, but grateful for the circumstances we are in. I love you all and have the best christmas yet!! May the Lord bless you all in all of your endeavors this week. Feliz Navidad!




*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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