Monday, December 15, 2014

Natalie December 15, 2014

Another week in the Work of Salvation... as my Mission President would say :)

Buenas noches to all :)

This week was kind of hard because hardly anyone could recieve us to teach them. So many people are a part of the Catholic church and they all have there novenas because of the Christmas season or in other words there nights where they recite prayers to the virgin Mary or Guadalupe. Eeek lol we have to remind them that we believe in the ten commandments and that we don't worship anyone or anything else other than God. But the most we can do is teach the doctrine and that Christ is the most important person this season. It's even harder when Jehovah's Witnesses tell us that we shouldn't celebrate the birth because His death was more important and because the bible doesn't say it was the 24th or 25th of December. 

I never imagined or more like I didn't even think about how Catholic it was here. I knew people were but wow there sure are many Catholics lol. That's why I am so grateful for this message that the church wants everyone to share: He is the Gift. 

Yes it is amazing what this message can do and is doing. It is so simple yet so powerful that Christ is our Savior and if we just accept Him and what he did, has done, and will do for us, we will be able to feel the power of the Atonement. This week we shared it with so many people but one I can remember so clearly, maybe because it was just Sunday but also because she truly was touched. I know she felt how I did when I first saw it. 

This less active member works every Sunday but I know that she felt the Spirit touch her heart. She had tears in her eyes as she told me that the Lord knows exactly what they need. She needed to be reminded that truly Christ has great meaning in her life. She was so grateful and said there is someone at her work who she knows she can share it with, she already was thinking of someone.I just loved seeing her feel the Spirit of the Lord work within her.

 Although this week wasn't the best as far as teaching many investigators and finding new ones, we were able to teach less active members and share this message, 'El es La Dadiva' with so many people! We are learning how to work together and I love Hermana Gijon. I know I will learn a great deal from her. She is a great example and I am so grateful that I can improve my Spanish even more.

 I know that it all starts with a desire and faith- that is probably the biggest lesson I'm learning that can be applied to anything. Because with a desire and faith, miracles can happen and we can be unstoppable. But we have to be the ones to make that decision, no one can make it for us. 

The work goes on and we must believe that Heavenly Father is there for us and that truly, Christ is our hope, the same hope and love and peace that came when Heavenly Father sent His son. My challenge to all of you is to this week, share this simple message 'He is the Gift' with at least two other people and remember to pray to have opportunities to do so. I promise you that with faith, sincerity in heart and the desire to do good, Heavenly Father will bless you the chance. 

He is the Gift

Love you all!

Hermana Newman

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