Monday, June 16, 2014

Spaghetti and bananas.....What a combination!

Hey everyone! 

So, just to explain, in regards to the subject of the email, haha so we were eating at this one hermanas house, and i swear she looked for everything and anything to feed us with, she made so much food! but its not uncommon for a family to serve spaghetti here. Its not the same though...thin of it as spaghetti-os, but with spaghetti noodles. thats what it tastes like. Anyway, she asked us shes like "would you like a banana with it?" and we just thought she was kidding or something, but she was serious and so were like "ok!" and let me tell ya, its actually pretty good! Call me crazy, but youve got to try it! 

So it has been cloudy the last few days, and it has even rained a little bit! what a blessing, seeing as how its so hot almost everyday. 

So, being part of this mission choir, we had an awesome opportunity: we all were invited to the Mission presidents house to have Carne Asada! (a BBQ). there are about 20 of us in this choir. oh man, it was so amazing the feeling we got when we walked into his house. I almost felt like i walked into the temple, the spirit was so strong. and he had carpet!-which NOONE has here in Mexico. Anyway, we had a great time and as strange as it may sound, we all had a great spiritual experience as we ate with the President. He is so awesome and I am so glad to have him as my leader here. 

Eleyne, Elisa, Ruth, and Alicia - four of our investigators, who all felt like miracles this last week. We were able to have a day where we taught all 4 of them in the same day, and Each one is unique and special in their own way. Ruth is really special, for she has a desire to really listen to the missionaries and to hear us. Its because some of her family members are members but she just never wanted to listen to the missionaries. but now, two kids later, as a mom she wants the best for her kids and wants to have God in her life again. I cant wait to work with her and to see the spirit work with her. 

there are so many changes going on! its kind of hard, but i know when we put our trust in Christ and Heavenly Father, everything works out. But yeah, my first week in the new area, the ward split, and we got a new ward. the next week, we got an addition to our area and moved into a new house. now, starting next week, our area will be divided and we will get 2 more missionaries. aaah! we were pretty stressed out about it, and still kind of dont know which half of the area we are going to keep, but i realized that you know, it really doesnt matter. what matters is that we just work and do the Lords will wherever he sends us, and I know when we do that, and are obedient to his commandments, He blesses us abundantly. but were not in it for the blessings-were in it for the well being of the investigators! 

This area has taught me a lot, and it continues to humble me and help me to realize even more that really nothing is about me here. Its all about the Savior, and what he wants me to do. I hope everyone has a good week and that everyone recieves the help they need!  I love you all!! 


Elder Newman 

Jason :)


**Elder Newman**

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