Monday, June 2, 2014

New ward/ area/ companion!!

Wow what an exciting time!! 

So, last wednesday night, Elder womack and i got home from a lesson and the assistants called. last thing we expected...but they called and told E. Womack that he was going to go to be ZONE LEADER in another zone!! so then i thought i would stay, but it turns out that I was going to have transfers too! AAAH! haha we were excited yet sad at the same time because we were on our way to completing 6 months together, and all of a sudden we had transfers. but hey, life goes on and if there arent changes, there is no progress. So, we packed our things and we went to the offices the next morning. 

My new area is called Lagos 2 (lagos means lakes in spanish), and the ward is called the Lagos ward. Its more in the center of the city of chihuahua, and it is a LOT nicer--meaning alot of people here are chorcho (that means rich here in mexico haha). I will definitely take more pics of the area and send them. 

its kinda hard though, because they got rid of the lagos ward right when i got there, and so half the people went to the Del Norte ward, and the other half to the rio sacramento ward (including us). so My comp and i have to both learn a new ward, and im already trying to learn the area. 

My new companion...aah, elder Loveless. he is so awesome! he is from saratoga springs and has about 9 months in the mission. he has been here in this area for 2 months and so its possible that he might change in 3 weeks (when the cycle ends), leaving me a very short time to learn the area. but i will do my best. 

My favorite thing about the area so far is the Deportiva (sports park). i like to think of it as the central park of chihuahua (like in NYC), because it is HUGE!! i want to find out how big it is, but elder  says its like 6 football fields. i didnt know so much green and trees existed her in this heat of mexico. 

ugh, and speaking of heat, it is starting to be the summer here, which means anywhere from 90 to 105 degrees daily (the highest ive heard people say is 115 degrees) ! holy cow, haha its hot but hey i love it and cant wait. I am very sad to leave my old ward and area and zone, but i know that they will all be fine and that they are doing well. at least im in the same stake! haha. 

we have a few investigators in our area, namly Elisa, Brillanda, and Oscar. We hope to place a baptismal date for elisa tonight for the 14th, and we had a sweet lesson on the restoration of the gospel with brillanda in the deportiva park last saturday. the work here is a little bit of a slower pace, and Elder loveless told me that almost everytime we contact someone in our area, they live somewhere else, as well as this area doesnt baptize very much. looking to change that! haha not change the will of the lord, of course, but i hope that we can see miracles come in the not too distant future. 

welll, my friends, that is the biggest announcement is that i am in a new area, my new comp is Elder Loveless, and I know it will be hard at first but i will put my trust in the lord, and with Patience, faith, and diligence (Alma Chapter 32, more towards the end), i will be able to be a stronger instrument in the lords hands. 

I love you all and thank you al for your support! have a great week! 

Elder Newman



**Elder Newman**

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