Monday, June 30, 2014

New Companion!!

Hey everyone! 

so, last wek we had transfers and i stayed here in our area, and recieved a new companion. His name is....ELDER GOLDSBERRY! haha it was so perfect because i was so nervous about who id get, and really there was no need, because The Lord blessed me with a friend. Elder Goldsberry and I were in our last zone together, and then just barely he came to our zone here in another part of the city, where we were in the same district. and now, we are companions-what a blessing. we both are so excited for this cycle. 

not too much new, mainly just that Elder Goldsberry is my new companion, but also a heads up that this saturday we will have a baptism. Elayne has come to church 3 weeks in a row, but we have taught her all the lessons and she is so ready. we are so proud of her and I am way excited! 

the mission is going great. im learning so many lessons, and i feel that spiritually, i really have been growing. I know this letter is gonna be super short, but i have to do a bunch of other stuff like send photos to the offices and what not. but know that I love you all and that I am really excited for this next cycle, because of my new companion. May god bless all of you in your endeavors this week, and know that i am so grateful for all of you and your words. stay strong and keep on keepin´ on! 


Elder Newman



**Elder Newman**

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