Monday, June 9, 2014

42 Celsius and climbing!

first off, so the pictures i sent to everyone are of the place called the deportiva. i think i may have explained a bit of it last email, but yeah its a humongous park thats so green! makes me happy when we walk in it. Also, the members here are great! we have a fair share of little old ladies in our ward who are so cute, and who always enjoy our visits. my favorite one, Hermana Acuña, has been bedridden for a while, but she is a great example to me of enduring to the end. she always says that when dhe does go to the other side, she hopes to convert everyone and be a great missionary. haha shes adorable...i know she will be though. 

we changed houses again and got more area. its because the other missionaries got sent somewhere else, so we inherited half of their area, and we moved in to their house. we are excited though to keep working and doing our best. It has been a little hard because we didnt have too many investigators, and literally all of our plans fell through everyday, but the Lord has been working with us and we know that it is His time, not ours. We have been striving to work with Faith, Patience, and diligence - 3 very important principles - burned into our minds, and sure enough this week the Lord lead us to one sister who speaks perfect english and has been prepared to hear us. We dont have a baptismal date for her yet, Ruth, but we hope to put one soon. I know that out here, its not our will, and really if we juat do what we know how to do, whoich is work, and we do it with faith and diligence, that eventually we will find more investigators and will be able to teach more people, thus fulfilling our purpose. We learned this past week that there is a big difference between what we think is success and what God knows is success. This email will be a bit shorter but i know that either way, we are having a blast and we continue to do our best. I hope everyone is doing well and i wish everyone the best of luck this next week! 

also, dont know if i mentioned before, but our mission has a FACEBOOK page! thanks everyone!

with love :) , 

Elder Newman 



**Elder Newman**

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