Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wow what a week! We went to the SIERRA . We samiti (how pretty)

Whoa! yesterday was so cool! sorry i wasnt able to write yesterday but we were literally gone all day. You see, in our raramuri class there are 26 of us and our teacher chose 14 of us missionaries to go to the sierra and teach the oh so little that we know to the tarahumaras (tah-rah-ooo-mah-das). the sierra is the northern mountain range here in the state of Chihuahua, and it was so pretty to see.

We woke up at 5 am in order to be at the offices at 6:30 am, then left at around 7:15 amand arrived at about 12. it was a great little road trip and we got to see more parts of the state. But we had arrived, got out of the car, and tried talking to some of the people there in that little village (i forgot what the name was called), and it was in that moment we realized that we really didnt know the language haha...but we said the little that we could and though some of the ladies giggled a bit, they enjoyed it. Most of them understood spanish though, so that was a huge blessing. we sang a few songs to them in english and spanish and they loved it. Oh man, and the kids were just adorable. it was just a humbling experience the whole time to be art of their culture for a little bit. 

we then split up to teach for a little while. 6 of us went up to the school, and we raced all the kids there, while the others stayed to talk to the older folks. i got to go teach the kids and the look in their eyes just makes your heart melt. really...i mean, you look at their feet and didnt think anything could be so dry and dusty, but then you look at their smiling face and you cant help but smile too. but anyway, we taught them about Jesus Christ and what he did for us and how we can follow him and be happy. It was so fun, and then they all gave us these little bands that they make out of yarn. (see the pictures). 

then we all went back down to the main part of the village and they all ate together. we helped serve it and had an assembly line going, and they all lined up and man i just cant stress enough the humility of these people. i wish i could be more like them, in the sense of their gratitude and happiness. we then after a few hours of being there had to go back to chihuahua because it takes like 4 hours to travel. 

but it was good. i mean, great! this quick little trip was a great experience to use our raramuri, to grow closer to our Heavenly Father, and to really learn just what humility, gratitude, and hope means. I will always remember them and have a love for those people. 

in terms of everything else here in our area, ilse is going to get baptized this saturday and we are very excited. She is so ready and has definitely felt the spirit in these weeks of teaching her. also we are still working with carlos, another teenager, and hope that he can keep coming to church with us. We love our area, and Elder Womack and I are learning more and more everyday. We are all god's Children, and He lives and loves EACH AND EVERY ONE of us, no matter what. may you all have a good week and keep smiling! 


Elder Newman



**Elder Newman**

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