Monday, May 26, 2014

90 degrees at 10 in the morning....bienvenidos a la mision!

Hello everyone!! 

This week was great! first and foremost, we had another baptism! ilse was baptized and confirmed in only 3 weeks. She showed a lot of faith, kept her commitments, so we asked president if we could baptize her sooner and he gave us the green light! She is awesome, and Im so so glad we had the opportunity to teach her. Our next hope and goal is to help her mom to see the blessings from living the gospel, and so hopefully soon she can be baptized too. she is Catholic, but she came to the baptismal service and she teared up a lot, along with her daughter, ilse. It was a small baptism, for ilse was the only one, but it was definitely Elder Womack and I´s favorite, for the spirit was so strong! So she is doing well and also, another goal of ours is to help Carlos get to baptism too. he has 3 times assisting church and so hopefully soon we can get him there. We contacted 23 people in the streets last week, and so we have a lot of work to do. Also, we went through our area book and wrote down all the addresses of the former investgators, to see if we can find even more people to teach. the work is going great! 

Another thing i forgot to mention last week is that the president wants a choir for the mission, and so he asked the zone leaders if anyone in their zone could sing. needless to say, there are 20 people in the choir, and 10 are from our zone alone )including me. we´ve only had 2 practices but we love it and are very excited. thats something cool here is that my companion, one of our zone leaders and I can sing and we always love getting together when we can and singing hymns and such. Music has always been a huge part of my life, but i havent appreciated it as much as i thought i would until now. 

It is getting sooo hot out here! its commonly in the 90´s everyday, but the hottest month is in july. One sister in the ward said it gets up to 113 F in july and august...oh boy, am i in for it! haha there are days that go by where we literally sweat for 24 hours straight. we dont even use sheets or blankets anymore, and thats with our fan going all night. p.s. elder womack and I had a wrestling match...i say it was a tie, but of course he says he won. i think ill just let him have it. gotta keep ourselves entertained out here, ya know! 

I love the bus system here. its a great way to get around the huge city of Chihuahua, and its also great for contacting! there are 2 types of cards that you can buy to scan on the bus (thats how you pay, have a card, charge it, and then wave it in front of a scanner that takes off a certain amount of money.)  there is a gen. admission card, and a student card. the student cards charge half the price, and although we arent students, president issued this thing where he printed off a paper for each one of us, stating that we are ¨students of theology¨ and that anything we do is for the benefit of the People of Chihuahua. Love it! so hopefully we will be getting those cards soon. 

well...thats all for now, but i am glad that everyone is doing well, and know that I am doing well too. I love it here, and we are so excited to keep working together and doing our best. The Lord lives and loves us, and knows us each personally better than we know ourselves. therefore, he knows whats best for us (the Gospel of Jesus Christ!). take care, everyone-I love you ALL! 

Elder Newman


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