Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekly letter! Cant believe it's May already!

Hey everyone! lots to report this week! 

First and foremost, we got a new house! So there are 4 missionaries in this northern part of chihuahua, where we are, and and the other 2, elder gallup and elder tonconio, had to change houses because the owner of the house they lived in was terrible, charging them  ton and such. but whats cool is that they found a new house for us. so the plan was they move in our house and we move into the new house. it took an entire afternoon, to move everything, but we did it and E. womack and I are so excited to live here. the house is a lot bigger than our old one and its nicer too. and it has a fence! our owner is really nice too, she is this lady who was just sweet about everything. i think her name is elma...but yep, we changed houses and are living like kings now ;)  haha, oh and the best part: its in our area! for the first time in our companionship, we are living in our aewa so that will be really nicce. 

in terms of investigators, we only found one new one this last week, but alot of good things are happening in our area! 


A 16 year old who is progressing greatly! we have only been able to teach him once, due to him not being there, but with that said, he has come to church twice and participated in a youth activity all by his own effort and interest. we put a baptismal date for the 24th of may! and I know he loves church because a few of the priests in the ward have already befriended him. 


She has recieved the missionaries for a while, but hasnt been baptized. actually, they have come over since her whole family got baptized back in 2012, but she never got baptized. but we have been passing by visiting and teaching her for about 2-3 weeks, teaching her the importance of baptism and helping her recognize the spirit, and thanks to the lord she was able to get BAPTIZED LAST SATURDAY!! we are so happy for her and now her whole family can go get sealed when they go to the temple in a month. Such a beautiful thing...I love the Lord. 


She also is one who youd think was a member already, due to how much she attends, but she hasnt been baptized. she is 10 and in a tough situation what with her parents not living together, and so that makes it hard to find her in her dads house (in our area). But we have been trying and trying to help her get to baptism for a few weeks, but she is just too nervous. Weve given it everything, but we wont give up on her. she knows its true and has felt the spirit, so we know that soon she will be able to enter the waters of baptism. 


We ate at a members house last week andd there were 3 ladies who made the food for us-flautas (delicious!!)...anyway, two were sisters, and members, and the other was not a member. Her name is Ilse and she is 17 and she accepted to hearing our message. saturday, we passed by, started to talk to her about who she is as a daughter of god, and by the end, she accepted a baptismal date for the 7th of june!! so we will definitely be working hard with her. 

the members are great, and I can honestly say i dont think i will love another ward in my mission as much as i love this one. 960 members in total, 280 active--lots of work to do! haha its great. 

all is well here in Chihuahua, and i really hope i dont have exchanges this next week cause i just wanna stay here the whole time! but know that i love you all, and that Heavenly father loves you al ltoo. more than we can ever understand in this life. 

Happy mothers day to all you moms out there, and if you are a misionary mom, know that we love our mommas! 

have a great week everyone! 


Elder Newman 



**Elder Newman**

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