Monday, April 28, 2014

Life is good here in Chihuahua!

Hey everyone! 

This past week was really busy. we had a great week, full of experiences, and we will continue to work our hardest. The lord is really shaping me into the missionary...into the man, that i need to become. I am always learning here in the mission, things that are beneficial here, as well as things that will benefit me for the rest of my life! (handling money, filling out a renters contract, lighting a boiler, etc. )

we almost had 2 baptisms, but they both got too nervous. im trying not to worry at all, because i know that the Lord is working with them too, Claudia and leslie. Anyway, we hope to get them in the waters of baptism this saturday. fingers crossed! They both have difficult situations, yet strong testimonies. I thnk we can all learn from their examples in how evern though our situations can be tough, we still have the gospel, and living the gospel everyday is how we can overcome all trials, and achieve greater happiness. 

In regards to my health, my allergies have gotten a lot better, but my breathing has been a bit hard at night, before bed. im thinking that my asthma is coming back, and i might be developing asthma again. im totally fine, so dont worry, but just a heads up-ill keep you all posted. 

With our one investigator, josue, we kind of just moved on to lesson 2, to see what would happen and if he would continue to accept what we are teaching, and we stumped him again, this time with the fact and doctrine that yes, there is a spirit world that we go to after we die. We hope that we can get him to church soon. And in general, we love the people here and are doing our best to help them. 

And holy cow, the lord is definitely hastening his work here in Chihuahua, and here in this area with our 12 missionaries in the ward. yesterday was crazy at church, but its so cool to see so many Latter day saints here in where i am serving and im happy to consider myselfone of them, doing the lords will, getting burnt to a crisp by the sun, and speaking their language. Its very humbling here, and i encourage anyone who is considering serving to not even question and just do it-its amazing iand i know i will never get another experience like this for the rest of eternity. I love the Savior and i am grateful for this blessing i have to be here and to be serving him, and for how he is rewarding me with knowledge and opportunities. I love you all and hope everyone has a great week. 


**Elder Newman**

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