Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 9/10 Mucus and Miracles =P

Hey everyone! sorry for not writing back last week...we had a sweet zone activity where we played futbol (soccer) and we only got an hour to write...but know that although we have been sick together for the majority of our companionship (hence the title), but we are pretty much beter now. 

 this last week was crazy! we continued to work harder than ever, and we found 2 new investigators, Vanessa and Samuel. It is exciting to see how they will progress with us, and i hope all the best for them. My faith and testimony has definitely grown a ton since ive been here, but i had an experience that mega boosted it this last week. 

this experience was yesterday. Yesterday, we had made plans to pick up 4 different investigators, and we had a ride for them and everything. But much to our dismay, when we went to go pick them all up, all 4 of them were not there or able. So once again, we had 0 at the chapel. it hurt a ton to not have any again, as we worked so hard. i wanted to cry, and later in the night, last night, i actually did cry, during companionship inventory. i cried because i want them there so bad because we know how true this gospel is and we know how badly we want them to enjoy the blessings that come from it. I am realizing just how much i am starting to love these people and how much we desire for them to experience the blessings that we have experienced-through and only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ; doing what HE wants, and in HIS way. 

I am grateful for this incredible opportunity to serve and I know that although i only have 2 months, i am learning so fast the requirements or demands of the mission, but also the spiritual lessons I need to learn. 

We have a Father in Heaven and it doesnt matter where you are in this world, or in other worlds for that matter, He lives and he loves all of his children. ALL of us. for this reason, he has provided this plan of Salvation and I know that when we fully submit to doing his will, we are blessed and he rewards us for it. 

Muchísimas gracias por todo y estoy agradecido por todo su apoyo constante y su amor. Me encanta mi misión y se que este es que mi Padre Celestial quiere para mi en este parte de mi vida. (Thank you so much for everything and I am thankful for all of your constant support and love. I love my mission and I know that this is what my Heavenly Father wants for me in this part of my life). Hurah for Israel!! 

love you all, 



**Elder Newman**

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