Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jason Week 2 2014

Hey everyone! i once again only get a half hourtoday because we have exchanges! so theres not a whole hour like usual. life aof a missionary-busy busy busy! I am happy though because this last week was so amazing. I can truly feel that I am learning a lot and that confidence is sescond nature. I know that I dont know the language like i want to yet, but i am starting to understand a ton more!

my companion, Elder Ibarra is leaving the area and i am sad and excited at the same time. sad, because of course, he was my first companion and i really didnt have to worry about anything with him by my side because he is practically omnipotent (he knows everything) in spanish. he has helped me so much and im grateful that the lord blessed me with such a wonderful first companion. happy, though, because latertonight, i get to continue on with my adventure, with a new companion. all i know is that his name is Elder Womack (assuming he is from the us, of course), and that he has about 5 and a half months. fingers crossed!

we are currently working with a family, familia silva, of 4, mom dad son and grandma, and the mom and son have baptismal dates for the 25th! still working with the dad and grandma...gotta love these die hard catholics :)  they are so nice and I know that the Lord has been preparing them.

I had divisions/exchanges twice this last week, both times we were in my area, so i had to play senior companion for a bit. it was hard, but it definitely boosted my confidence a ton.

ATTENTION ALL: apparently there is another address to send all mail to, and it is safer and faster. the address is

Julio Velasquez
Elder Jason Reid Newman
P.O. Box 1486
Presidio, Texas 79845

I fasted yesterday for feelings of peace, and to start to actually FEEL like a missionary. last night, we got a call from the zone leader and he told us all about the exchanges. I was so excited and giddy about thinking about what my new companion will be like, how things will go, etc. aaah i love the gospel and i am feelin good!

as a representative of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, I know that when we keep his commandments, blessings are poured out upon us. I know that we are all his children, and that true happiness is found through acts of righteousness, and doing our best to obey his will.

John chapter 14 (the bible): read it! its awesome and talks about keeping the commandments.

I love you all and am so so thankful for your love and support. adios!!


**Elder Newman**

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