Monday, July 28, 2014

¿Les gustaría un vaso de agua?

Wow, what a week everyone! 

So, we didnt get too much time to work this week, because we had a zone baptismal service on saturday ( the investigators of the 3 wards combined to have one baptismal service). For that baptismal service, the zone leaders wanted us to have a special musical number, and they put me in charge! scary! and so because of that, we had to practice every morning, in addition to all our food visits, meetings at night, and a ward activity we had on thursday. the song turned out great, and  the spirit was definitely present. Also, speaking of choir, we also have our misison choir every sunday and I LOVE it, because its really fun to be able to bear testimony through music. and all this time we have been having choir (a few months), we havent known what it was gonna be for...until yesterday. If i heard correct, the 16th of august is when we will perform a few numbers, because the second counselor of the young men´s general presidency is going to come, along with the area president, Elder Salinas. were so excited! 

Despite all of that time not being able to work and having low numbers, it was a great week. we had a wonderful miracle this week. (this is in response to the title of the email, bytheway). So, Elder Goldsberry and I are just wallking sown this street, and all of a sudden, we see this man who was getting out of his car, we made eye contact, and before we could even say hello, he says "would you guys like a glass of water?" (thats what the title of the email means in english). we, a little hesitant, but accepting, said "sure!" and so he says to us "pasele!", which means "come on in". so we approach his door, and walk in slowly. he just kept saying that, "pasele, pasele" and then he had us sit down. this whole time Elder Goldsberry and I are just like "is this really happening?!". then he gave us some water, and he began to talk to us. His name is Jaime, and he had a very nice home, like were talking united states standards, and so when he started talking to us, he was like "so where are you guys from?" --at this moment, we had walked in to a strangers home, sat down on his nice couches, drank water, and talked to him, all within about 60 seconds. we were so nervous because we wanted to handle this perfect situation that we had been blessed with carefully. but we had opened up and started to talk to him, and before we know it, one of his sons walks in the room! Luis, who is 22 also began to talk with us. he seemed interested in who we are, and then not even a few minutes later, ANOTHER one of his sons walks in and sits down. Ricardo, age 18, starts to talk with us as well. We just couldnt believe what was happening, it just felt like they were literally waiting for us. anyway, he finally asked the golden question "so what do you guys preach?"--long story short, we bore testimony of the restoration of the Gospel, and how Joseph smith restored the church. They believed it, and we had left, then returned a few days leter and had another great lesson about the Book of Mormon. THe dad, jaime, was just saying all the right things, and told us that he would read it because in his search for the right path in his life, he has been confused due to his parents being catholic, and it reminded me of the phrase we see lots of times in the book of mormon, "the vain and foolish traditions of their fathers" probably didnt help him too much growing up. I promised him in the name of Jesus Christ, that the Book of mormon was true, and that every word on every page would bless his family. He promised to read it, as well as his 2 sons. We actually tonight are going to have dinner with them. I am so grateful for this blessing and I love how the lord always fulfills his promises, and answers prayers. This was definitely a miracle, and we are convinced that this family has been prepared to hear the Gospel. 

A few other funny things that have happened that i have neglected to mention: 

1. amulek , a missionary in the book of mormon, was baptized on the fourth of july :) 

2. one of the recent converts, named lupito, who is HILARIOUS, arrived to church late, and as were all sitting in sacrament meeting, he walks in late and just yells, greeting everyone "buen dia a todos!!" which means " good day to you all!" haha it was so awesome. 

3. Elder Goldsberry is the best. we laughed so hard until we cried this week. we were talking, and we had 5 references, and only one of them we were able to contact. so he then is like, "if we only contact one person out of 5 references, then that means it would take ten contacts to get one solid investigator, and if only one out of ten investigators gets baptized, then that means we need 500 references to have a baptism!" you had to be there...we were dying laughing. 

well, I love you all, and as we testified to Jaime, we testify to you all as well, that Jesus Christ has restored His church through the prophet Joseph Smith, and that The Book of Mormon is alwo the word of God, and truly is the most correct book of any book on earth, and I know that We can grow closer to God and strengthen our relationship' with Him when we read , study, ponder it, and treasure up what it says. I pray that we can all follow Jesus Christs example, and always remember him. I love you all and hope you all have a great week! 




**Elder Newman**

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